World Renewable Energy Congress Indonesia 2011

Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI – IRES) has launched the plan for organizing the international gathering of experts and practitioners of renewable energy  and energy efficiency, World Renewable Energy Congress – Indonesia - International Conference and Exhibition on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Bali 2011 (WREC – INDONESIA 2011) which will be held on 17 – 19 October 2011 at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), Nusa Dua.

Acting as host of WREC - INDONESIA 2011 in Bali is METI - IRES in cooperation with World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) based in United Kingdom (UK).

Bearing the theme “Boosting the Use of Low Carbon Energy for a Better World”, WREC - INDONESIA 2011 is expected to attract some 1000 participants/delegates from all over the world.

The Chairman of Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI – IRES), Ir. Hilmi Panigoro, MSc., emphasized the importance of Indonesia being host of World  Renewable Energy Congress – Indonesia - International Conference and Exhibition on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Bali 2011 (WREC – INDONESIA 2011). It will promote the investment of clean and renewable energy in Indonesia as well as highlight the strategic role energy efficiency has in reducing dependency on fossil energy and managing its negative impacts on the environment.

The Conference will also discuss energy efficiency as a strategic component essential to the world strategy for future energy management and to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which cause the global climate change issues we are facing at the moment.

WREC - INDONESIA 2011 is a forum for government officials,  decision makers and regulators, politicians and legislators, scientists, experts and academicians, NGO, business executives, bankers and industry players, developers, operators, and entrepreneurs dealing with renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses.

The Conference is expected to function as a place to study and exchange valuable experience and knowledge in new and renewable energy as well as energy efficiency for business players, electrical services operators (PLN and their working partners), academicians, community and practitioners of energy, both in the central and local arenas.

In line with the Conference theme and together with the newly established Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, the Conference is expected to build momentum and boost more effective utilization of new and renewable energy.

There are a number of topics in new and renewable energy to be discussed in WREC - INDONESIA 2011 in Bali, namely Geothermal, Hydro Energy, Solar Energy, Biomass, Ocean Energy, Wind Energy. In energy efficiency, topics to be discussed include development and technology applied which could save energy in industry and commerce as well as transportation. Moreover, other topics to be discussed are Low Carbon Technology, New and Renewable Energy Financing, Environment Management and Carbon Trade.  Conference participants will also be offered a visit to some new and renewable energy projects located around Bali and Lombok (West Nusa Tenggara).

WREC - INDONESIA 2011 is supported by a number of Indonesian ministries and institutions related to the development and utilization of new and renewable Energy, namely Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, State Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Agency for Assessment & Application and Technology (BPPT), the National Energy Council, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), and University of Maryland.  Moreover, the Conference is also supported by the private sector, both local and international.

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