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Controversy around the ‘unconstitutional’ law adds to an uncertain legal environment, while global shifts in fossil fuel finance may force an investment rethink.
Ulubelu geothermal project
Indonesia's potential to generate energy from the earth's crust could solve its power problems and fire its ailing economy. But the country needs to do more to lure investors.
CleanTech solar engineers
Over 350,000 renewable energy jobs in the Philippines could be created by 2030. With the coal moratorium expected to add more clean energy capacity to the mix, could displaced power plant workers be among those to switch to green jobs?
GN Power coal-fired power plant in Mariveles, Bataan
Philippine energy secretary Alfonso Cusi said the country will no longer accept applications for new coal power plants. What does this mean for the Southeast Asian nation estimated to have the biggest coal appetite in the region?
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A laborer hauls crushed rocks pulversied by a diesel-powered crusher in the shadow of a wind turbine.
Ensuring underserved populations have reliable, clean and safe access to electricity is a $1.2 trillion opportunity, says ADB's Yongping Zhai.
jakarta night lights
Indonesia's new president must develop its renewable energy sector to achieve energy security in the nation and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, says Jay Mariyappan.
Carbon capture sequestration

Carbon & Climate

Deep decarbonization

Have a look at what happened around the world this past month. Australia's heat wave filled headlines when …
To avoid 2 degrees of climate change, global carbon emissions will need to be reduced by at least …
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solar gili air id
Southeast Asia's largest energy consumer has been slow to transition to renewables, but recent policies point to greater expansion of the country's solar, tidal and geothermal energy production.
Leuser mists
Irwandi Yusuf said that a plan to let a Turkish-owned firm develop the core zone of Mount Leuser National Park would not proceed under his watch.
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