Veolia Water Technologies conducts comprehensive water assessments for largest Thai paper supplier

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Thailand) Ltd is proud to announce its first partnership with a Thai conglomerate company that operates 12 paper production plants throughout Southeast Asia.

To support the client’s plan of achieving a 30 per cent expansion in capacity for its paper plant in Prachinburi (Thailand), Veolia will spearhead a series of proprietary studies, including an in-house Water System Audit, Pulp & Paper (P&P) Industry Water Benchmark, Water Impact Index (WIIX), and the True Cost of Water (TCOW).

Michael Poonpipat, Business Development Director at Veolia Water Technologies in Thailand, shared, “As a one-stop shop for all water treatment needs, Veolia actively conducts water audits and assessments for companies around the world. Although it is not mandatory for manufacturers to undertake such initiatives, more and more companies globally – all leaders in their respective fields – have become increasingly receptive to implementing water assessments in their manufacturing processes. Our analysis reflected high ‘Blue Risk’ (water risk) areas that link to operational, financial, regulatory, and reputational risks, but we are confident that these challenges can be mitigated with Veolia’s water assessment.”

Conducted over a period of twelve weeks, the paper plant assessment will feature a series of consecutive studies that commences with an in-depth water system audit. The results are then benchmarked against other regional and global P&P companies’ scores using Veolia’s Pulp & Paper industry Water Benchmark. Consolidated based on Veolia’s knowledge, experience, and references in the P&P industry over the years, the industry water benchmark provides an effective scale for companies to better understand their water consumption practices against other manufacturers in the industry.

The water assessment also includes the Veolia Water Impact Index (WIIX) tool that measures the plant’s water footprint and considers three crucial elements - the quantity of water used, the level of stress on water resources, and the overall quality of the water. This enables the client to outline and set more efficient water strategies in place to mitigate existing water challenges such as water scarcity and the impact of water risk on the environment, in order to achieve a lower total water footprint.

Finally, Veolia’s True Cost of Water (TCOW), a business intelligence methodology to monetize water risks, will complete the audit. The pragmatic metric assesses water-related risks, helping companies to make sustainable business decisions that can ensure long-term profitability. By attributing a dollar value to the impact of future investment associated with water risks and opportunities at the plant, the paper producer can then make better-calculated choices to support its overall corporate agenda.

A proactive way to analyze existing operations, Veolia’s complete water audit service allows manufacturers to reduce operational costs, achieve higher efficiency levels, and secure key operating licenses for business sustainability. With water playing an essential part in the client’s production processes, the audit will help the company set goals that contributes to its overall growth strategy.

Etienne Fiquet,Business Development Manager, Water Risks & Opportunities at Veolia Water Technologies,concluded, “This first partnership with a paper industry leader signals the growing importance of water audits for responsible business management, and also reflects an increased willingness among South East Asian manufacturers to employ decision-making assistance tools for sustainability success. More and more, companies with corporate agendas are enlisting water experts to help to mitigate water risks and carry out regular evaluations in their pursuit of continuous improvement. Veolia strives to be the benchmark for industrial companies on all issues relating to water resource management, and we look forward to more auditing opportunities with the client’s other plants, as well as across other industries.”

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