Tuu, FOBISIA to support British International Schools in Asia measure, evaluate sustainability

Tuu, FOBISIA to support British International Schools in Asia measure, evaluate sustainability

Tuu, the sustainability tracking dashboard for schools, has partnered with the Federation Of British International Schools In Asia (FOBISIA) to help its members achieve their sustainability objectives.

Tuu has created a bespoke dashboard for FOBISIA to measure and evaluate sustainability progress across its member schools, who will have the tools to measure data in Energy, Water, Curriculum and Community, Food, Transportation and Travel. Participating schools can visualise data internally with an easy to use dashboard and receive monthly reports to share with stakeholders.

The reports will also be shared confidentially with FOBISIA to give the not-for-profit organisation an overview of sustainability performance across its membership. The partnership will allow FOBISIA to easily identify top performing schools who may be able to share their practices in achieving their SDGs and other internal benchmarks.

“We believe that data comparison is the key to improving sustainability performance,” said Terry Blackburn, founder of Tuu.

“Sustainability can mean many things to different people and while carbon reduction and energy efficiency is at the core of what we’re trying to achieve, we also think it’s important for schools to take a holistic approach. Tuu encourages schools to look at how they serve the local community, encourage dialogue around climate change and give pupils a positive experience of improving their own environments and making measurable progress on a monthly basis.”

Students at participating schools can either engage in data gathering directly as part of their green committee or work with the facility’s management team to interpret data and make recommendations for improvements around campuses. Data is given a performance weighting, which becomes part of a unique monthly rating out of 100.

“FOBISIA is fully committed to ensuring all its member schools are as green and environmentally friendly as possible,” said John Gwyn Jones, CEO of FOBISIA.

“We will treat all the data provided by Tuu to us in the strictest confidence. We have no intention of revealing any information about any of our school’s performance. We would like to be able to name high performing schools, with their permission, as a positive example so that our members can benchmark their own performance against it. I believe that setting up this scheme sends a clear message that British International Schools in Asia are committed to fighting climate change and are looking to constantly improve their own sustainability performance.”

After the accumulation and analysis of three months of data from participating schools, Tuu will present a selection of Sustainable Schools Awards. These Awards will recognise the best performing schools across a range of disciplines and will set a benchmark for excellence in sustainability among FOBISIA members.

About Tuu

Tuu helps create the green leaders of tomorrow by putting students at the heart of data capture and giving them a positive experience of improving sustainability in their school environment. Tuu allows schools to compare data and ratings within business or geographic groups to encourage sustainability best practice and set meaningful improvement targets. Tuu provides comprehensive coursework and learning resources to gain maximum engagement from students and give them a holistic understanding of sustainability issues and goals.

FOBISIA’s vision is to be the premier Federation in Asia supporting and promoting high-quality British-style international education. Its mission is to deliver value for its members by ensuring high-quality British-style international education through shared professional development, student enrichment and mutual support between Member Schools in the region.

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