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CSOs outlook 2024
Asia’s sustainability heads foresee some relief from reporting burdens this year, but articulating the financial value of social, biodiversity and climate-related impacts, engaging suppliers and staying ahead of regulations will keep them busy.
The co-founder of Earth Company and owner of Mana Earthly Paradise hotel tells Eco-Business about the perils of over-tourism in Bali and the huge potential for affordable eco-resorts in Asia.
The renewables target is achievable but other elements would be much more difficult, say Chinese experts.
Indigenous community in north Bali wants more control of sacred rainforests to avoid the mass tourism in the south of Indonesian island.
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Transport is one of the world's biggest polluters, but on the path to net zero, aviation is reinventing itself, potentially building a new kind of jet age.
Malaysia seeks to ensure that the poor benefit from fuel subsidies instead of the rich, but rationalisation can also contribute towards sustainability. Savings from removing fuel subsidies can be used to develop low-carbon alternatives.
lufthansa aircraft
Airlines such as Lufthansa and Ryanair are clashing over the European Union's airport slot rules. Are "ghost flights" a thing, or are the carriers just stoking climate fear?
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