Trigeneration- The need of Saudi Arabia

The use of trigeneration technology is spreading throughout developed countries like Australia, UK, USA and some European countries. Trigeneration, also known as combined heat, power and cooling (CHPC), is the process by which waste heat produced by a co-generation plant is used to generate chilled water for air conditioning or refrigeration. Trigeneration is used in public and private institutions such as airports, offices, hotels, conference halls and industries, where they have a combined need of power, heating and cooling.

Looking at the spurt in demand for cooling and power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, trigeneration can play a vital role in reducing energy requirement in the Kingdom. As temperatures can hit 50 degree Celsius during summer, trigeneration technology can utilize waste heat and provide solutions to meet the high refrigeration and cooling demand in the region which in turn can ease environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Other obvious benefits include lowered power usage during peak summer demand, reduced fuel energy dependency and improvement in a building’s energy efficiency ratings.

Fleming Gulf has announced The Kingdom Trigeneration Summit that will take place between 29 – 30 September 2013 in Riyadh, KSA alongside offical host NTCC, a leading energy services company in the Middle East, delivering reliable and environment-friendly solutions that cater to the energy needs of commercial, industrial and governmental organizations.

Eng. Saud Al- Arifi, CEO of NTCC stated “National Trigeneration CHP Co. (NTCC) is glad to be associated with ‘Kingdom Trigeneration Summit’ focusing on promoting Trigeneration technology in Saudi Arabia. Trigeneration is fast becoming the technology of tomorrow for KSA because of multiple foreseen factors like fluctuating electric rates, steep increase in power demand, unavailability of power in remote places as well as competitive and economic pressures to cut expenses and reduce emissions of air pollutants. NTCC is proud to be a part of this movement for a better tomorrow hoping this summit will open new doors for an environmentally cleaner and greener energy system in KSA”.

Serving as a platform to debate and discuss challenges and opportunities in the trigeneration industry, the summit has already received immense response from solution providers such as Diehl Metering, Sipos Aktorik, Lakos and Sterling & Wilson, who have confirmed to showcase their advanced technologies to industry peers at the summit.

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