The Future Of Electric Bicycle Technology by Reef Bikes

The electric bicycle rider just wants to fit in with regular bicycle riders, they don’t want to stand out, and look awkward, with large chunky batteries. With the latest game changing e bike technology developed by Reef Bikes Australia this is now possible. 

Up until now, electric bicycles have not reached the great heights of quality and performance that the Australian market has been asking for. This years 2013 release of the Reef Bullshark and Reef Predator electric bike models are set to change that. With Samsung lithium battery technology hidden inside the bicycle frame, giving consumers the sleek design, and reliability they have been looking for.

Electric bicycle riders can cruise along effortlessly using the pedal assist sensor, get up hills without pedaling using the hand twist throttle, travel longer distances faster, all while looking like a regular bicycle!

The Reef Bullshark is the street legal version of the Predator, using the same frame technology with the Samsung lithium battery hidden in the frame. It comes with a 250W hub motor, LCD screen display, and high end components, Shimano Alivio gearsets, Suntour front shocks and Continental Explorer tyres. Components like these are only used on the top end bicycles, and now Reef Bikes is incorporating them onto electric bikes, giving the rider smoother efficient performance.

The Reef Predator is the pinnacle of electric bikes, with high end head turning components, monster dirt bike zoom suspension, dual high beam front spotlights, 2” LCD screen display on the dash, 26” x 2.5” fat dirt bike tyres, Shimano Alivio gearsets, Samsung lithium battery hidden inside the frame and a 500W offroad only motor will give you loads of power and acceleration.

For many years now electric bicycle consumers have been asking for reliability, hassle free maintenance, performance and style, all at an affordable price. Instead the market has been inundated with e-bike companies pop up overnight and disappear just as fast. This has affected the electric bicycle market, and has stopped it from going mainstream. But with this years vast improvements in technology we have seen more and more regular bicycle stores get interested in electric bikes now.

After many years of resistance from road racing enthusiast shops against the electric bike movement, we have now seen a turn around. With these exact shops now stocking electric bikes all over Australia. Even “The Price Is Right” TV game show with Larry Emdur has jumped on board, giving away a Reef Bullshark model every week on prime time television. With the speed of technology advancements in batteries, LCD Displays and components, exciting times are ahead!

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