StarHub helps customers to save our planet

Reduce, reuse or recycle your shopping bags: that is the message that StarHub has for its customers with the rollout of a new carrier bag from Earth Hour on 29 March 2014.

In addition to dimming lights and switching off television sets at StarHub Shops and Customer Service Centres around the island from 8:30pm to 9:30pm this Saturday, the infocommunications provider has unveiled its new carrier bag that is targeted to help its customers make the most of their carrier bags with increased reusability.

StarHub’s new carrier bags come in three sizes and are composed of the polymer polypropylene, which is more convenient and durable than the former paper bags. This allows the bags to be used post-purchase as a carrier bag for other items. The bags are also clearly labelled with the Recycling Code 5 symbol, to help recyclers identify the specific type of recycling required.

“StarHub is a firm believer in all things green,” enthused Ms Jeannie Ong, Chief Marketing Officer, StarHub. “After all, it is our duty to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. That is why we welcome our customers to decline a shopping bag with their purchase. And even if they take a bag, we hope that they will use and reuse our new carrier bags and, eventually, properly recycle the bag.”

Ms Ong also shared some of the many ways in which StarHub customers can help or are already helping to save our planet.

Saving paper, saving trees

StarHub customers can opt to save paper by receiving electronic statements instead of printed bills with MyStarHub e-bill, an initiative which saved an estimated 7,567kg of paper in 2013. Complementing MyStarHub e-bill is the My StarHub App, available on both the iOS and Android platforms. The App allows StarHub customers to view their account details, such as billing information, on their mobile devices at their convenience, encouraging them to go paperless. StarHub also removed Business Reply Envelopes from mailed bills in 2012, an effort which saves about 15 tonnes of paper each year.

Rewards redemption for charity

Exclusively for StarHub customers is the opportunity to save our planet using their StarHub Rewards points. Through StarHub’s Rewards Redemption for Charity programme, customers can redeem a $5 tax-deductible to the World Wide Fund for Nature (Singapore) Limited Conservation Fund (WWFSCF) for 250 StarHub Rewards points. StarHub customers can visit to redeem their donations to WWFSCF.

Waste not, want not

Before 2012, paper, plastic, metal and glass recycling bins were easily accessible in Singapore. However, as an individual, disposing of one’s electronic waste (e-waste) was not so easy, which was alarming considering that e-waste is one of the most toxic wastes of all.

As a provider of both electronic services and products that believed in long-term and inclusive solutions, StarHub introduced e-waste recycling bins for the public at various locations in Singapore in 2012. To date, over 10,405kg of e-waste has been collected in this non-profit community initiative. Today, it remains the only avenue for individual consumers to recycle the bulk of their e-waste in Singapore, regardless of whether they are a StarHub customer. Members of the public can look for their nearest of our 38 bins at 17 locations at

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