ST Electronics features Future Cities solutions @ CommunicAsia2012

ST Electronics will be participating in CommunicAsia 2012, from 19 to 22 June 2012, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Expo and Convention Centre [Basement 2, Booth #BH4-01 and on Level 1 at Booths #1N3-01 and #1P3-01].

Focusing on the needs of Future Cities, ST Electronics will feature systems and solutions for cities that strive to be efficient, clean and safe.  As a leading Information Communications Technology (ICT) company, ST Electronics has leveraged its domain expertise and technologies to develop innovative products, solutions and services that will enable Future Cities to address urbanisation, sustainability and environmental challenges.

Future Cities solutions to be exhibited at CommunicAsia 2012 include :

  • Safe City – This offers city planners and authorities a high level of understanding and insight in providing a safe living and working environment for citizens.  Incorporating new technologies that help analyse and make sense of available information, Safe City alerts city operators on incidents that require attention and recommends quick and appropriate responses for incident management that impacts security and safety within the city.  It also improves resource management and communications amongst government agencies and the public, so that city operations are optimised and made more efficient.
  • Smart Utilities Suites and Energy Management Solutions – With these solutions, utilities providers can increase operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and empower their customers to better manage consumption through efficient monitoring and management systems for water, electricity and gas.

ST Electronics’ in-depth understanding of the operational needs of urbanising cities has enabled the company to develop solutions for the efficient delivery of services and resources by public transport authority, transport companies, environment authorities, utilities agencies, and public safety and security authorities.  The company’s capability and experience in harnessing information and data analytics will give city operators greater understanding and insight in city operations through predictive and proactive monitoring, control, and decision support as well as improved communications among government agencies and with the public both in the real world and cyberspace.  It aims to empower cities administrators to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing social and technological environment.

Safe City

Safe City employs new technologies to enhance existing systems and provides a high level of interaction and control to provide a better understanding, visibility and management of safety within the city.  This enables city administrators to feel the pulse of the city, through sense-making and predictive analysis of information.  Safe City measures the parameters of the city beyond physical sensors by also taking input from citizens.  The ubiquitous popularity of mobile applications allows citizens to report and share information on public issues and hazards.  Information available and shared on open platforms, such as social networks and the online media also help provide insights into the matters that concern the city.

Safe City equips the city operators with information and collaborative and analysis tools that facilitate the optimal deployment of manpower and assets to monitor and respond to issues and events through built-in decision support capabilities.  With efficient monitoring systems, Safe City collects and analyses data, and triggers alerts to city operators when necessary.  It will also recommend a course of action with optimal deployment of necessary resources to respond to events so that public safety is not compromised.  By employing business intelligence, analytics and predictive algorithms to discern trends and patterns, city operators are able to better understand and explore data for collaboration, dissemination and decision making.  Existing disparate systems are seamlessly integrated onto one unified platform for better interoperability and communication.  This allows alerts to be sent to citizens should there be a need for a warning of any impending safety issues or security hazards that may affect them.

These solutions can also be made available on a Cloud infrastructure, minimising setup costs while ensuring scalability for future growth.

Smart Utilities and Energy Management Solutions

As cities renew and grow, their footprint impacts the environment and its sustainability.  Of major concern is the effective and efficient use and management of energy.  ST Electronics offers solutions that integrate automatic meter readers and connect them to an intelligent mesh network.  The result is increased operational efficiencies for energy distributors, reduced carbon emissions and empowerment of consumers to better manage their utilities usage through efficient monitoring and management systems.

ST Electronics’ Smart Utilities Suite provides a full spectrum secure utilities solution equipping utilities providers with a flexible and secure Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that is compatible with a wide range of meters.  The high performance integrated management system ensures seamless and efficient network management that is secured with lightweight dynamic key exchanges and encryption to ensure that the network is resilient to cyber attacks.  It also supports multi-utilities applications such as integrated electricity, water and gas services, to optimise the existing AMI with minimum upgrade.  The result is enhanced operational efficiency, reduced operating costs and higher enhances customer satisfaction.

Responding to price signals and load control applications, the Smart Utilities system allows utilities providers to operate more efficiently without generating excess energy during peak load periods.   Utilities providers can then implement feed-in tariff services for a more sustainable eco-environment by integrating renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic, fuel cell, energy storage, etc. within the facilities.

Tailored to benefit home owners, ST Electronics’ Home Energy Management System enables utilities service/retail providers to help home owners reduce electricity usage and charges.  Through realtime monitoring of their consumption, home owners can make informed decisions to control and manage their usage patterns more effectively.  The system is easy to implement with minimal or no retrofitting of existing appliances.

Buildings need to be “smart” to support long term operational sustainability. The Smart Building Energy Management Solution embraces building energy performance simulation and analysis technologies enabling building owner to access, analyse and quantify the sustainability of their building operations.

The core of this solution is a Knowledge Based Integrated Management that couples with automated Measurement and Verification (M&V) processes to measure, model and verify the energy usage in buildings at various scales.  The M&V processes identify equipment that are under performing and provide recommendations and corrective actions to improve equipment energy efficiency. This results in better building operation performance that translates into cost savings to the building owner throughout the building life cycle operation.

ST Electronics will be showcasing other solutions at CommunicAsia2012, including its Education on the Cloud solutions.  Please visit its booths at :

  • Future Cities solutions – Basement 2, Booth #BH4-01
  • Satellite Communications solutions - Level 1, Booths #1N3-01 and #1P3-01
  • Infocomm Media Business Exchange exhibition (imbX) – Basement 2, Booth # BD2-01

(For other press releases about ST Electronics satellite communications solutions at CommunicAsia2012, please visit

(A Fact Sheet on all solutions and systems on exhibit at CommunicAsia2012 is also available at our website at

Media Contacts:

Magdalen Loh, AVP/Head, Corporate Communications, ST Electronics
Tel:      (65) 6413 1788 / 9822 3321
Fax:     (65) 6484 8840
Wendy Ong, Manager, Corporate Communications, ST Electronics
Tel:      (65) 6413 1881 / 9770 9844
Fax:     (65) 6484 8840

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