Nissan, Renault, JLR & Mitsubishi Address Matching EV Battery Development To Customer Usage

With plans announced to create the world’s first ultra low emission zone in London by 2020, coupled with enormously accelerated sales of EVs in 2012, efforts to match battery development to customer usage and reduce the total costs of ownership are now more important than ever in implementing the mass take up of low emission transportation.

Senior representatives from Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi and Jaguar Land Rover will be addressing precisely this on the Opening Keynote Panel for this year’s EV Battery Tech: 7th Global Cost Reduction Initiative 2013 (24th & 25th April,) examining real world usability data to match battery development to customer profiles and delivering invaluable insights into cost reduction strategies.

We are also pleased to announce that Anthony Thomson, VP Of Business Development & Marketing at Qualcomm will be addressing the subject of how charging innovation can be utilised to maximise electric vehicle adoption and the measures by which one of the main hurdles, namely infrastructure, can be overcome.

Further session highlights include Mike Tinskey, Director Of Global Vehicle Electrification & Infrastructure at Ford, and Naveen Munjal, Managing Director at Hero Eco, delivering the latest insights and technologies in secondary use and recycling, to maximise battery lifetime usage as well as return on investment.

For more information on this key event on the 24th & 25th April, and to see the full agenda, click here.

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