Korea, UNDP and Extreme Tech Challenge launch tech startup competition to drive SDG 16 solutions

Korea, UNDP and Extreme Tech Challenge launch tech startup competition to drive SDG 16 solutions
The Peace, Justice & Inclusive Society Startup Competition aims to align technological innovation with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Government of the Republic of Korea, in collaboration with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has announced a new and impactful initiative: The Peace, Justice & Inclusive Society Startup Competition, powered by XTC.

This competition is a concerted effort to align technological innovation with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on SDG 16. SDG 16 aims to promote peaceful and inclusive societies, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Startups worldwide are invited to participate in this competition, offering an extraordinary opportunity to connect with global leaders in technology and social change. This competition will provide recognition, global visibility, and access to venture capitalists for networking, mentorship, and potential funding. It’s a call to action for tech innovators to contribute to a more peaceful, just and inclusive world. The focus is on tech solutions which:

  • build and strengthen inclusive, responsive and accountable institutions
  • enhance access to trusted and verified information
  • uphold AI ethics
  • ensure data protection, privacy and integrity

The Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cho Tae-yul, expressed enthusiasm for the potential impact of this competition, saying, “Today, many actors with the resources and technology share a passion for contributing to the SDGs. We are excited to facilitate these partnerships to ensure a promising future for our youth.”

Highlighting the significance of this collaboration, Young Sohn, Co-Founder of Extreme Tech Challenge; Founding Managing Partner of Walden Catalyst Ventures, Chairman of Semiconductor Advisory Board at Samsung Electronics, and Chairman of HARMAN Board of Directors, said: “In an era where technology can either divide or unite, our focus is on harnessing its power for societal good, ensuring that we build a world where peace, justice, and inclusivity are not just ideals but realities.”

As the United Nations’ lead agency on international development, UNDP works in 170 countries helping to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and exclusion, and build resilience so countries can sustain progress and achieve the SDGs. UNDP welcomed this partnership, which could support its work to help countries strengthen inclusive, effective and accountable governance systems at all levels and build integrated, lasting solutions for people and the planet.

The Peace, Justice & Inclusive Society Startup Competition culminates in a high-profile event where selected startups will present their innovations to a global audience of venture capitalists, corporate leaders, startup founders, startup ecosystem builders, and public sector stakeholders.

In this era of rapid digital transformation, we must learn to harness digital technologies for accountable, inclusive, and effective governance and this initiative stands as a crucial platform where ideas meet opportunities, innovations meet impact, and tech visionaries meet influential leaders. Learn more and apply here.

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