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Myanmar’s environmental record was weak but improving. Then came the coup
After more than a decade of hard-won gains in the fight against poverty, the number of poor people in Myanmar could double as a result of the combined impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing political crisis.
Indigenous villagers, Borneo
Indigenous people have long been marginalised worldwide. To boost their livelihoods and save Borneo's remaining forests, an indigenous-led organisation in Malaysia has been providing communities with green power for nearly two decades.
sembcorp tengeh reservoir solar floating farm
The pandemic has exposed gaps in current systems and given corporations the impetus to invest for the future, said experts at a virtual dialogue by Eco-Business and Sembcorp Industries. How can governments, businesses and society take the better road to recovery?
satellite imagery German Aerospace Center
The United Nations Development Programme teams up with German aerospace to access satellite technology that will help in tackling water and food security and plan disaster response.
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Food & Agriculture

Ending hunger sustainably

Saving the planet does not have to come at the expense of feeding the poor, and vice versa. If governments can implement a series of relatively low-cost initiatives with private-sector support, the world can still wipe out global hunger by 2030 without jeopardising the fight against climate change.
notice about the shortage of Covid-19 vaccine supplies India
If the world wants to beat back the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure no one is left behind in the recovery, two issues thrown into sharp relief by the pandemic need attention: digitalisation and regional cooperation.
‘Growing momentum’ to make 2021 the global action year for sustainable energy
In a bid of optimism for the new year, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) expressed confidence that clean energy would grow in 2021.
Take all my money
Digitalisation has immense potential to advance finance in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, write the co-chairs of a new United Nations task force on digital financing.
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Achim Steiner talking at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore. Image UNDP Asia Pacific
The IPCC's climate warning is an opportunity for the business world to show leadership, said UNDP's Achim Steiner in the opening speech at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore.
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