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A recently introduced second amendment to the Green Energy Open Access Rules 2022 intends to empower small consumers to access clean electricity by allowing them to aggregate their total capacity.
Sustainability certification that focuses on a whole state is being piloted in Malaysia, with benefits for smallholders and conservation.
A new UNICEF report urges stakeholders to involve young people in climate actions and policies.
Solar-powered charging kiosks are providing electricity in the southern African country, even on cloudy days.
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woman farmer in bangladesh
There are 21.5 billion interconnected devices worldwide, yet 1.4 billion adults still have no access to banking. This presents an opportunity for leapfrogging straight to digital identification and the IoT for processing transactions.
Asean Japan international symposium
Demilitarisation and sustainable development should be top priorities for Asean-Japan cooperation amid a fragmented geopolitical shifting world order.
Deep-tech and precision agric
Six decades after the Green Revolution began, the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence may usher in another agricultural transformation. By enabling farmers to grow more while using fewer resources and generating less waste, these tools could make food production cheaper and more sustainable.
Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Bali, Indonesia
While some believe that economic growth is incompatible with fighting climate change, only growing economies can produce the financial resources needed to make the transition to a net-zero economy. Accelerating global growth could bring lower-income households into the middle class and build infrastructure to reduce emissions.
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Women in STEM
Women play a key role in developing innovations to push for sustainability, but barriers remain to their entry into STEM careers. To celebrate International Day of Women & Girls in Science, EB Impact speaks to three women in science on making an impact and pursuing careers in STEM.
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