Green initiatives expands reach to engage local Chinese community

Green Initiatives, one of Shanghai’s most active environmental nonprofit organisations, is delighted to announce the launch of “Better Planet, Better Life”, a series of monthly Chinese-language forums. After organising over 220 events in the past 7 years, mostly in English, the new event series aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and empower Shanghai’s rapidly growing environmentally conscious Chinese community.

The forum series is proudly sponsored by Eco & More, a leading producer of eco-cosmetics and cleaning products that help consumers achieve a toxic-free lifestyle. URBN Hotel, China’s first carbon neutral hotel and long-term supporter of Green Initiatives has sponsored the venue for the activities that would run from August to December 2016.

Leading the series is ‘The Joy of Sharing’ forum, taking place at URBN Hotel on Thursday, August 11. The session aims to give an inside look at how the sharing economy or collaborative consumption model optimises resource use, and is thus, a potential solution to reduce our environmental footprint. The event would include participation from pioneering companies such as WeWork (co-working), MSParis (designer dress rental) and Wanjuzuzu (toy sharing).

As a whole, this forum series would dive into environmental topics currently relevant to China, from excessive resource usage and smart homes to the organic food sector and the perception of charity. Partnerships with Impact Hub Shanghai, and Yimishiji would ensure we are able to reach a wider Chinese audience while perspectives from business leaders, social entrepreneurs and academicians promise to deliver an inspiring educational experience for all.

Nitin Dani, Founder of Green Initiatives, notes “When we started out we attracted a mostly expat follower base. However, in recent years more and more locals have joined our events, despite the events being in English. Given China’s leading role in international environmental agreements and an increased community interest on sustainability issues, it is indeed the perfect time for us to further engage with the Chinese audience.”

Dani further adds, “An increasing number of Chinese are frustrated by air, water and food issues and want to do something about it. Having events in Chinese will encourage them to take part in the conversation while also strengthening our capability to find practical solutions to many of China’s environmental challenges. Further, with our experience in developing hands-on solutions to local environmental problems, such as the WE Project or ‘Treat Without Meat’ Campaign, we hope to further broaden our impact through participation of the local community.”

Green Initiatives has been active in Shanghai since 2009 and is dedicated to spreading environmental awareness and encouraging the community to take action to reduce the environmental degradation brought about by economic growth. The ‘Better Planet, Better Life’ event series and engaging with the Chinese community is just another step in that direction.

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Forum Dates

  1. The Joy of Sharing “享”乐多多,Thursday, August 11
  2. Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From? 你的食物,从何而来?Thursday, September 1
  3. Eco is the New Lux 生态无价,Tuesday, September 27
  4. Smart Home, Green Family 智能科技,绿色家园,Thursday, October 27
  5. The Future of Charity 慈善创新,Thursday, December 1

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