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Green Initiatives adds Rio Tinto as a sponsor in The Fiber Project in Shanghai

Global mining and metals company, Rio Tinto, recently became the latest sponsor of Green Initiatives’ Fiber Project.

A community based and focused initiative, the goal of the Fiber Project is to help reduce environmental problems caused by clothing and textile wastes by saving them from landfills and incinerators through proper recycling and upcycling.

The project further mitigates environmental impact by reducing resources drained for the production of new textiles such as land, water and energy as well as by reducing the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and toxic dyes. In Shanghai alone, textile waste amounted to approximately 130,000 tons in 2013, of which approximately 90% is recyclable.

As part of the sponsorship, Green Initiatives will place a Rio Tinto branded clothing recycling bin at Rio Tinto’s corporate office in Shanghai, and provide the logistic resources for the collection, storage and transportation of the recycled clothing through its partnership with UniGroup Relocation services.

Green Initiatives, a Shanghai-based environmental nonprofit organization, soft launched the project in December 2014 and has been gaining steady support from the Shanghai community in the last several months. Apart from the offices of corporate sponsors, Fiber Project recycling bins can be found at various restaurants, hotels and international schools around Shanghai.

To learn more about Green Initiatives or the Fiber Project, please visit or write to


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