Gloocall and Allcot launch a global sustainable business network

Almost any company, active or not, can be found in the search engines or thru the social network profile in order to be a potential provider for the consumer that is looking for a product or service.

But, what if you are a responsible consumer that cares for our planet? It is clear that increasingly, consumers and companies are worrying about the environment. Even stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits to push sustainability into the supply chain has significantly increased in recent years.

By managing and improving environmental, social and economic performance throughout supply chains, individuals and companies can preserve resources, optimize processes, uncover product innovations, save costs, increase productivity and promote corporate values. Research shows the business case for supply chain sustainability is growing.

The problem was that until now, customers had difficulties in finding these companies that are sustainable or eco friendly. Most of us will give up after unsuccessful hours of searching online or find ourthat the prices are too high compared with the traditional providers and only a few of us can afford to choose the right lifestyle.

Now, thanks to the agreement between Allcot and Gloocall, things are going to change. Gloocall is a revolutionary platform that match consumer requests with the companies that provide the product or service requested and guess what, the platform features the ECO-Friendly companies worldwide.

“The traditional way of using the local provider to buy products and services has changed dramatically. Today we search on internet to find alternative providers in order to compare regarding price, quality, support and Eco-friendliness. Our growing amount of requests in terms of Eco-friendly products and services indicates growth of a new segment of financially strong and determined consumers”, says Jade Baldari, CEO of Gloocall.

The award winning sustainability programs of Allcot enable companies a clear roadmap to incorporating sustainable business practices in their operations without high financial or structural intervention.

“The collaboration with Allcot encourages our traditional providers to become
Eco-friendly and at the same time gain access to this growing segment of clients,”continues Jade Baldari.

Allcot with the roots in the compliance of the carbon market on which they have built a robust service offering a wide range of environmental and sustainability services has a strong and motivated team that delivers innovative solutions for companies worldwide.

“Partnering with Gloocall is a great choice for us as it enables us to reach a much wider and focused audience. Especially now with the launch of new services, this becomes critical. And this is only the first step, we are expecting to launch several new innovations together over the coming year!, says Alexis Leroy, CEO of ALLCOT.

For more info contact: Jade Baldari (+34 693798882) or Rosa Brosé (+34 91 790 67 32)

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