Genomatica voted No 1 hottest in Biofuels Digest’s 30 hottest companies ranking

For the fourth year in a row, Genomatica was voted #1 in Biofuels Digest’s 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals & Materials rankings.

Genomatica has earned the top position every year since the Hot 30 rankings were established in 2011. This recognition represents overwhelming support from the biobased economy and its collective view of Genomatica as an industry leader.

“The Hot 30 rankings – and the #1 spot – reflect the insider’s perspective from those ‘in the know’ about biobased technologies, products and markets,” said Jim Lane, publisher of Biofuels Digest.

“Genomatica’s four straight #1s are a remarkable testament to their leadership, because constant industry progress means a repeat winner has to continually innovate and deliver. Voters have recognized and respected Genomatica’s consistent performance and delivery of technology and commercialization milestones year after year. In addition, Genomatica has consistently shared their insights with the industry.”

Key results over the last few years of Hot 30 wins include:

  • Commercial-scale production of 1,4-butanediol (BDO) using its GENO BDO™ process
  • BASF and Novamont license GENO BDO™ process
  • Extensive customer validation of BDO made using GENO BDO™ process
  • Genomatica securing Braskem and Versalis as anchor partners for its butadiene program
  • Genomatica’s announcement of nylon intermediates as their third target set of processes
  • Winning the Kirkpatrick Award
  • Named 2015 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer
  • Named 2014 Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer

Genomatica was voted number one by thousands of Biofuels Digest subscriber ballots complemented by an invited panel of expert selectors from around the world.

“We’re honored and humbled to be voted number one for the fourth straight year,” said Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica. “This continuous recognition says that our work and achievements resonate with real customers and meet real market needs.”

Genomatica was recognized at an award ceremony this evening at ABLCNext 2014 at the Fairmont San Francisco. The company is displaying multiple customer product samples at the conference’s ‘Store of the Future’ exhibit, all made using BDO made with Genomatica’s commercial process technology.

About Genomatica

Genomatica is a widely-recognized technology leader for the chemical industry. It develops manufacturing processes that enable its licensee partners to produce the world’s most widely-used chemicals a ‘better way,’ from alternative feedstocks, with better economics and greater sustainability than petroleum-based processes.

Genomatica has delivered the industry’s first commercial biobased process for a high-volume intermediate chemical. Its GENO BDO™ process has produced thousands of tons of BDO and been licensed by BASF and Novamont. Multiple large firms have publicly validated quality or described commercialization plans, including Invista (for its well-known Lycra® spandex), DSM, Lanxess, Toray, and Far Eastern New Century.

Genomatica’s biotechnology platform and over 500 patents and applications enable it to develop processes for additional major chemicals. The next is for butadiene, with Versalis and Braskem as partners, and over $100 million in industry support. Genomatica has also announced a program to develop processes for the production of nylon intermediates, including HMD, caprolactam and adipic acid.

Genomatica has earned tremendous recognition for its innovation, commercialization track record, and potential for broad impact. This recognition includes the Kirkpatrick Award, for ‘the most noteworthy chemical engineering technology commercialized in the world,’ and the 2015 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award.

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