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Liveability Challenge_Fairventures
Fairventures, an agroforestry management system, was awarded top prize in the annual search for solutions to the toughest sustainability challenges of our time.
intensive care unit (ICU) in a hospital in Hebei Province, China
Electric vehicles, sustainable healthcare and forest conservation made the top headlines this year.
shawntel nieto
As country manager for the Philippines, Nieto will lead the firm’s strategic direction, public and client relations and operations in the country.
EB wins wan-infra 2021
Eco-Business has been recognised at the WAN-IFRA Asian Digital Media Awards 2021 for its work on the climate impact of data centres and the push to protect Singapore's remaining forests.
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Ego not eco t-shirt
Does the ego of sustainability practitioners matter, as long as they are achieving impact? Or does the pursuit of recognition undermine the good work being done in the world’s most important region for sustainable business?
indigenous tribes united nations award
Indigenous communities, like the Sungai Utik Dayak Iban Longhouse community in Indonesia, are guardians of the land on which they reside. Across the world, there is growing recognition of their work towards protecting the environment and mitigating climate change.
penan tribe malaysia
University of Southampton lecturer James Dyke makes the case for a Nobel Prize for Sustainability.
Winning sustainability awards
Junice Yeo says that when it comes to sustainability awards and rankings, winning isn’t everything
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changing course 2019
Eco-Business releases the trailer for a documentary that traces the relationship between ecosystems in the North Pole and Asia, in the second edition of its flagship campaign on climate action, Changing Course.
liter of light
United States-based Ethical Markets Media has awarded this year’s top ethical media campaigns to ‘A Liter of Light’ from the Philippines and Thai Life Insurance’s ‘Unsung Hero’.
neeti kailas
EB Studio [Sponsored Video] The Rolex Awards for Enterprise honours five young achievers for their remarkable innovation in medical science, environmental conservation and geological exploration.
Suzhou city in China
The city of Suzhou in China clinches the biennial Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize for balancing sustainable economic development with cultural conservation, showing cities in China and other developing countries that urban challenges can be addressed responsibly.
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