Fuji Xerox wins the Fuji Sankei Group award

For its energy conservation initiatives using the system it originally developed, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. received the Fuji Sankei Group Award of the 21st Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award, organized by the Fujisankei Communication Group.

The Award extends high recognition to the verification experiments conducted at the company’s R&D site, Fuji Xerox R&D Square, for EneEyes—a self-analysis system to visualize energy consumption—, with which all employees can analyze their energy consumption from various perspectives. During the power saving period in the summer of 2011, around 100 people who are in charge of saving electricity by each floor and organization conducted self-analysis of power consumption of their respective areas using the system. They developed and implemented detailed energy saving measures, thereby clearing the government standards and achieved nearly 30 percent energy savings year on year.

In its greenhouse gas mitigation targets for 2020 announced in 2009, Fuji Xerox pledged to reduce its CO2 emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle and to provide solutions to reduce its customers’ and social CO2 emissions by seven million tons. The EneEyes verification experiment is part of the company’s efforts to develop technologies and products to achieve the targets.

Fuji Xerox will continue to take new initiatives and promote activities to deliver the achievements to customers, thereby contributing to providing solutions to challenges of customers and the society.

About Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award

The Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award was established in 1992 with special cooperation from World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan) as a program to award industries, aimed at the symbiosis between industrial development and global environment. The award recognizes companies and organizations for their contribution to environmental conservation, with the aim of developing new technologies and products that contribute to global warming mitigation and the establishment of a recycling-oriented society, promoting environmental conservation activities and businesses, exploring the social system for the 21st century, and further heightening awareness on the conservation of the global environment.

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