Fuji Xerox launches eco campaign

- Smartphone scan enables web access to Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper -

Fuji Xerox Singapore has launched the ‘You Print, We Plant’ environmental campaign.

From June 3, Fuji Xerox trucks with brand new ‘You Print, We Plant’ logos will have Quick Response barcodes painted on them. Public can use smartphones to scan these codes for web access to a new site www.tree.sg. At this site, the public can register for a free ‘Go Green’ workshop where they learn about conserving energy, reducing cost and increasing business efficiency in the office space. They can also optimize their office paper orders with a free ‘Office Supplies Assessment’ by a Fuji Xerox specialist who will access and provide advice on how businesses can lower their carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly supplies. There will also be specials promotions for Fuji Xerox paper developed from Forest Stewardship Council forests. FSC-certified paper comes from forests that are sustainably managed to maintain and increase biological diversity and conservation. It has less impact on the environment and is designed to be reusable and recyclable.

Hazel Kok, Head, Document Supplies Division, Fuji Xerox Singapore, said, “In Asia Pacific, 35% of surveyed enterprises are taking environmental action (Gartner 2009). By 2014, more than 60% or two thirds of organisations will do so. One of the key initiatives at Fuji Xerox is the Sustainability Value Chain, of which ethical procurement, or green purchasing, is part of. We are committed to sourcing FSC-certified paper from sustainable forests to ensure zero landfill and reduce carbon footprint. Through the ‘You Print We Plant’ campaign, we want to change the misconception that FSC-certified paper is significantly more expensive than normal paper. In reality, the investment is the same but the benefits to the environment outweigh the initial difference in cost.”

Mok Chee Hong, Sustainability Ambassador, Fuji Xerox Singapore, said, “Fuji Xerox’s goal is to share green business strategies that we have garnered based on best practices by top companies. Thus we have a host of solutions to help customers make smart choices that are cost efficient, friendly to the environment, and more importantly, proven to work in real business world.”

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