Experts from SE Europe gather in Sofia to hear the latest updates on the worldwide Waste-to-Energy technologies and good practices

European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology /ESWET/ – partner of the South-East European forum for Renewable Energy and Waste Management /13-15 April 2011

ESWET is an association grouping the European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology. They build and supply plants that combust municipal waste and recover its energy. ESWET’s members supplied over 95% of the European Energy-from-Waste plants.

Waste to Energy is an essential part of a sustainable waste management strategy. It is fully compatible with recycling. It is recognised as a “recovery” operation under the EU legislation. It has a low carbon footprint by: avoiding Methane emissions from landfill; recovering the energy content of the carbon-neutral biomass; offsetting the use of fossil fuels for energy generation.

Waste to Energy technology has successfully tackled the challenge, imposed by the new legislations, of reducing pollutants emissions. It now meets lower emission limits than any other industry. The technology has developed methods to recover more than 80% of the energy contained in residual waste and can make this energy available for external use at high efficiency (e.g. district heating, including amongst others heat pumps, district cooling, process steam and electricity).

Speakers from over 30 top companies and organizations are presenting at the forum including representatives from: Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority, UK * Environmental Ambassadors, Serbia * Geesinknorba, Netherlands * Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Germany * NL Evironment, Waste Management Department, Netherlands * Prognos AG, Germany * Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council, Germany * MRAM, Tohoku University, Japan * Canadian Energy-from-Waste Coalition, Canada * Columbia University, USA * Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan * Mokesa AG, Switzerland, etc.

Some of the sessions of the ecological forum are: Waste Management & Recycling, Waste to Energy, EE & Renewable Financing - International & Local Incentive Programs, Energy Efficiency and Decentralized Energy, RES Electricity, Smart Grid Platform, etc.

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