EcoWorks Bags - Part of campus waste management program

EcoCortec® is proud to support a new innovative project initiated by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb, one of the oldest and largest among related faculties in the region. Ever since its first courses were taught at the Royal School of Engineering in 1919, the Faculty has excelled in creating successful synthesis of general and specialized knowledge and expertise.

University of Zagreb, as Croatia’s largest University is country’s innovation center where new ideas and technological solutions are being created. In July of 2012 a new system of waste management was introduced. This new program objective is to separate municipal waste by type for recycling:

• Paper, cardboard, and tetrapack.

• Plastic, glass, and cans.

• Biodegradable solid waste.

Sets of three garbage receptacles have been located at over 115 locations around the Faculty for collection. CD’s, toners, electronic, electrical, and metal waste are also being collected at the recycling center of the Faculty. Hazardous waste is collected and disposed separately by type and place of origin.

Implementing this new waste management program will achieve positive economic and environmental effects by reducing the amount of mixed waste going to landfills and lowering the cost for removal and disposal. Separation of hazardous substances from the waste stream, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and preservation of various resources and recycling of the various sorted materials creates income that covers the costs of processing and disposal. Equally important this project will educate students about the importance of separating waste and encourage them to practice this kind of behavior in the future.

EcoCortec® happily supports this valuable project by providing EcoWorks®, biodegradable bags that will be used for the collection of solid waste. These bags are biodegradable and compostable; conform to ASTM D 6400 and EN 13432. These bags will compost right along with the waste avoiding additional handling and separate bag disposal.

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