eBUS: Australia beckons…

The eBUS team is announcing their expansion into the Australian market for TVC digital delivery.

“We’re currently in trial with major broadcasters, and talking with agencies and production facilities to deploy our low cost, high value solution: eBUSdelivery.” Says Carmine Masiello, eBUS CEO

eBUS is moving in leaps and bounds in their home market of New Zealand. Newly arrived to eBUS is the New Zealand Clemenger Group; one of the largest full service agencies in New Zealand, comprising advertising agencies .99, Clemenger BBDO and Colenso BBDO. Clemenger joins other high-profile NZ clients; Ogilvy, Toybox, Images & Sound, Digipost and Sauce.

eBUS is also growing rapidly throughout Asia and India, with India seeing almost all leading broadcast networks (120+ channels) and advertisers (50 of the top 80) using the eBUSdelivery service.

The primary interest to agencies with fast-moving workflows and high-turnover retail operations is eBUS’ highly automated cloud-based service and great reputation for client service and reliability. Operating 24/7/365 and offering immediate deliveries within 5-7 minutes, eBUSdelivery has succeeded in disrupting original models of digital content delivery, often based on last-century thinking and manual processes.

The eBUS delivery difference and the value it brings to users:

24/7/365 Operation

Since Quality Control acceptance of TVCs is now automatic and immediate, eBUS operates automatically all day, every day; 24/7/365.

You can dispatch at any time, day or night, and the same delivery speeds will apply. With longer broadcast TVC ingest operating hours such as early am to midnight becoming common, the value of dispatch available outside of 9-to-5 is increasing dramatically.

Instant Delivery

When eBUS say instant, it is INSTANT.

The automatic acceptance of TVCs allows eBUS to operate the fastest delivery schedules throughout Asia Pacific. INSTANT delivery averages less than 10 minutes, and their speed record currently stands at sub 2 minutes!

Automatic Quality Control Checks.

eBUSdelivery’s fully automated state-of-the-art QC system does not allow out-of-specification TVCs to be uploaded, checking encoding format, video levels, audio levels and even the new Audio Loudness requirement.

The system gives immediate feedback about what specs are wrong, so action can be taken right away.

Web-based operation

Everything is web-based, using standard web browsers. There are no techie “FTP” style transfers, no boxes to install and no software to download. Enter the information in a web page, select a file just like an email attachment, and hit “send”.

Everything is designed to be simple, straightforward, transparent and fast.

About eBUS

Founded in New Zealand, eBUS is an industry leading cloud computing software development firm, developing video content management and distribution technology for the media industry.

eBUS has eliminated the need for traditional delivery methods and tape production… eBUSdelivery is a cloud based solution that digitally delivers TV Commercials to Broadcasters, Web and Mobile media using the Internet. The result: flexibility, faster delivery, safer delivery, higher quality delivery, saves money, manages all stock footage and estimated to reduce the impact on the environment by more than 95%.

If you’re based in Australia and would like to get in contact with the team, please email info@ebus.tv or connect via Twitter @eBUS

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