Could the moringa industry’s most productive seeds end search for higher seed oil yield?

Advanced Biofuel Center(ABC) has unveiled the Moringa oil industry’s most productive seeds worldly known as MOMAX3, which promise to deliver three times the yield of the industry average. The company says its ‘breakthrough’ seeds could help in establishment of Moringa Plantation for seeds oil production.

ABC’s ability to achieve Seeds yields of 7MT/ha and greater in Year 1‐3 have been ascribed to the confluence of several important traits influencing yield:

  • High number of seeds per fruit (this elite produces a large percentage of average 18‐seeded pods)
  • the comparatively heavy seed weight (over 30 grams/100 seed)
  • Expressed early flowering trait (both after seeding and pruning) in comparison to the other conventional varieties.
  • ABC reports an achieved rate of germination of between 90%‐95% when direct seeding its MOMAX3 Improved seeds.

ABC’s new seeds promise to increase yield from two to three tonnes of Seeds per hectare per year for a tree of prime age, to more than 8 tonnes—more than three times the industry average. The average yield of Moringa oil Seeds elsewhere in world has been stagnant at around less than one tonne of seed per hectare per year.

The new seeds will also enable Moringa trees to reach maturity much faster. MOMAX3 Moringa tree starts to bear fruit four months after planting and will produce a higher ratio of oil, according to ABC.

The MOMAX 3 seedlings are expected to yield 8-10 tonnes of Seeds per hectare with 2 harvest per year

“The interest from growers in acquiring MOMAX3 Moringa has been extremely high. They see it as providing them with a competitive edge because of its characteristics.” said Mr. Maharshi, president and chief executive officer of ABC & Moringa India.

“MOMAX3 will give our growers a competitive advantage in the marketplace, maximize returns for our growers.” he further added

The company says the seeds are also more resistant to disease and drought.

An ABC spokesperson said that the seeds, which have been in development for more than nine years, have not been genetically modified and were developed through scientific selection method.

The seeds have been introduced to ABC’s own plantations first and after having amazing results: More than expected yield, later made available to independent growers/farmers

Dp Maharshi has described the new seeds as a “breakthrough” that was essential to delivering sustainable production of Moringa Seed oil to meet growing global demand.

While talking with Eco-Business, the President CEO Moringa India Mr. DP Maharshi said that the new seeds were part of the company’s efforts to identify and adopt new techniques to improve sustainable agricultural practices for the industry as a whole.

ABC has been making strides to lead the Moringa industry with sustainable best practices.

“The feedback we are getting from growers and project developers is that they are pleased to see a new investment in the industry with a longer term strategic approach,” said Dp Maharshi.

MOMAX3 increases the profitability of Moringa to greater than 300 per cent above existing commercial varieties. This equates to more than 950 gallons per ha , enabling the large-scale growth of the oil industry and development opportunities for community farmers, plantation developers and renewable energy investors.

“MOMAX 3 is the tip of the iceberg in the development of Moringa as a seed oil crop,” said Maharshi. “While perennial moringa now has a significant head-start, we anticipate continued advancements through the MOMAX platform that will further enhance the productivity and profitability of Moringa for growers around the world.” he further stated

ABC is a crop science company, but by instinct it is a commercial multiproduct and services company seeking to valorise a range of products, services and business opportunities that are being developed around Moringa.

The result of seven years of applied investment and research is reflected in MOMAX3 Perennial Moringa cultivar, a suite of enabling technologies and an ambition to transform Moringa into a versatile crop for diverse agricultural and climatic environments.

To order MOMAX3 Seeds, check here

MOMAX 3 is the first elite cultivar developed through the ABC’s MOMAX Moringa Optimisation Platform known as Moringa India. Moringa India is heading towards Moringa Revolution with world’s finest variety and effective techniques and technologies for farming at scale.

The best crop management techniques introduced by Moringa India are enabling the grower to ensure a profitable sustainability for years to as it increases output year after year and makes them more money.

To showcase the latest research, development and scientific progress in moringa industry, two days International workshop on Moringa Production & Application , popularly known as 5th Global Moringa Meet 2017 (GMM2017) is scheduled to take place on 25-26 November 2017 at Jaipur India. The Moringa meet is dedicated to all stakeholders with attempt to enhance the immense business potential of Moringa.

GMM2017 will once again be a strategic platform for Global Moringa Fraternity and the attendees to further expand their Moringa ventures and make in-roads into new markets. Registration is open.

DP Maharshi, President/CEO

Advanced Biofuel Center

Moringa India

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