CEO and co-founder of Equator Pure Nature awarded Most Innovative Entrepreneur

Equator Pure Nature (EPN), manufacturer of Thailand’s leading brand of natural household cleaning products, Pipper Standard, announced that its CEO and co-founder Peter Wainman was awarded the Innovative Entrepreneur award at the Entrepreneur Now Awards 2017.

The Entrepreneur Now Awards ceremony recognises outstanding entrepreneurs in Thailand across various categories. Wainman proudly received the Innovative Entrepreneur award after receiving the Eco – Entrepreneur award in 2015.

Wainman and his team of scientists invented environmentally innovative pineapple fermentation technology which is used as the fundamental cleaning agent in Pipper Standard natural household cleaning products.

Pipper Standard products are natural, non-irritation and hypoallergenic certified by an independent third party, and free of known allergens.

Pipper Standard is protected by eight United States patents with additional coverage pending from global patent applications.

Pipper Standard products are certified to biodegrade more than 90 per cent in one month, leaving no negative impact on the environment, all the while cleaning as well or better than chemical-based cleaners.

Equator Pure Nature also uses a closed-loop system whereby creating little to no waste in the production of Pipper Standard products.

Wainman’s vision is to improve people’s lives by reducing exposure to chemicals through promoting the replacement of chemical cleaning products with natural products. In Thailand, 49 per cent of children in greater Bangkok suffer from allergies, a dramatic 33 per cent increase over the last 10 years.

With similar trends of rising allergy and asthma rates throughout the Asia Pacific region, Wainman believes that “these rapidly increasing rates of allergies, asthma and other health issues are linked to excessive chemical exposure. If we can decrease our exposure to synthetic chemicals, we should be able to decrease rates of allergies and asthma and decrease contamination of our environment.”

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