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A fresh analysis of the world’s energy management software vendors has named CarbonSystems a Green Quadrant leader as big business struggles to manage spiralling energy costs and risks to energy security.

Independent analyst firm Verdantix judged Australian company CarbonSystems as one of four global leading software vendors based on an independent, fact-based comparative analysis of companies offering energy management software applications.

The new Verdantix report combined benchmark data from 15 live product demonstrations, responses to a 115 point questionnaire, and interviews with an independent panel of 15 enterprise customers who have bought or are planning to buy energy management software.

Verdantix reported that the four market leaders — CarbonSystems, CA Technologies, IBM and Verisae – offer strong energy management functionality, proven integration with a wide range of meters and controls, deep expertise in energy domains, an impressive customer base, and meaningful implementation partnerships.

However Verdantix noted that many vendors do not have the product architecture to scale up to a global deployment — just 15 companies were assessed for review from 60 vendor applicants from around the world.

The trend to manage corporate energy has seen the rise of energy management software vendors that assist companies to capture, track and report their energy use. Verdantix analysis reveals that the US market for carbon and energy management software in 2011 will be $207 million and will grow to $558 million by 2014; the global market is expected to reach $742 million in size by 2017, according to Pike Research.

Post-2013 Verdantix believes that a handful of established software suppliers will dominate the enterprise energy management software market with three firms established as clear leaders by 2016.

Energy software buyers face complexity

Buyers of energy management software face a plethora of software vendors, equipment and controls firms, energy consultants, and services firms, according to Verdantix CEO, David Metcalfe.

“To help buyers save time and money in the software selection process, as well as reducing risk in purchase decisions, Verdantix conducted an independent, fact-based analysis of the 15 enterprise energy management software suppliers with the strongest claim to support global deployments.

“The report aims to guide decision makers such as CFOs and VPs for sustainability and energy that are assessing software vendors that manage and streamline their firm’s energy supply, consumption and costs,” he said.

CarbonSystems’ leadership position

“CarbonSystems’ position in the leaders’ quadrant is based on their strong capability in several important domains – energy data capture, systems integration, security and audit, and energy reporting and analysis,” said David Metcalfe.

“CarbonSystems is among a few providers at the forefront of energy management software market worldwide. Their proven ability to capture, integrate and manage energy data for large firms in diverse industries gives them a strong competitive advantage.”

Commenting on the report, CarbonSystems’ chief executive David Solsky said: “Companies want solutions that take away the pain and headache caused by the complexity of managing energy data and that show them where to reduce consumption and save money on their energy bills. That’s what we do for clients around the world. That’s why we’re leading in the energy management software market.”

What energy software buyers want

“Most customer panel members said that a proven ability to deliver value by identifying energy consumption reduction opportunities was critical,” said David Metcalfe. “Proven integration with meters and controls across data centres, commercial buildings and industrial plants was also rated highly.

“Integration across multiple energy domains is complex because it requires integration with meters, Building Management Systems, lighting systems within commercial buildings, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) in manufacturing facilities and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units, servers and racks within data centres.”


Join Verdantix analysts on 15 December for a 60 minute webinar on this new report by registering here.

Media contact

Contact Dan Gaffney on +61 411 156 015 or Twitter @CO2Systemscom

About CarbonSystems

CarbonSystems is a global provider of sustainability software. Its technology helps companies manage their carbon, energy, environmental and social responsibility performance and operate more efficiently by driving cost savings in their use of energy, fuel, gas, water, waste, and other environmental metrics. The company has clients in corporate property management, education, electricity and gas, government, food services, fast moving goods distribution, information technology, managed services, mining, logistics, and professional services. Its core technology was developed in 2004 to read electricity smart meters.

CarbonSystems has a customer list that boasts 25 companies with billion dollar plus revenues and more than 110 clients worldwide. The company has strategic partnerships with AGL Energy, Colliers International, E.ON, and Fellon McCord. Companies with over 45,000 combined locations around the world are using our Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) to streamline and automate the capture, management and reporting of their sustainability metrics. CarbonSystems is a privately owned and funded Australian company with offices in London, New York and Sydney.

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