Biomax collaborates with UTM in Organic Fertilizer & Plant Growth

Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) and Biomax Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore) have announced collaboration in the field trial project and biomass monitoring using different formulations of organic fertilizer developed by the company. Biomax Technologies Pte Ltd founded in 2009 is a Biotechnology company specializing in research and development and commercializing enzyme-based green solutions for soil fertility. Their innovation of Biomax Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System is widely known and the collaboration with IBD as an organic-based research institute is a good combination for research and development of the fertilizer.

The project entitled of “Organic Fertilizer and Plant Growth Study” aims to collect the biomass and soil profiling data from the effects of different formulation of fertilizer to several type of crops under study. The six (6) months project will be located at the Field Trial Centre located in UTM Johor Bahru. IBD with its research expertise in their sub-departments of Biofertilizer and Biocontrol is responsible to plan, implement, plant, monitor, test and collect the data for various types of crops, validate and demonstrate the trials. These activities must be done in order to increase their practical use in tune with existing agricultural practices as well as fundamental research. These data will then be compiled and its database library will be an established tool for future management programs in organic farming.

Biomax aims to achieve significant results on the testing of various crops grown by its organic fertilizer. If successful, this could change the game in agriculture industry, leading to a more sustainable farming practice with the use of organic fertilizer.

Press Contact:

Thiri Aung
Biomax Technologies Pte Ltd
T: +65 6274 8606

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