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Women lead the charge for climate-friendly agriculture on the ground, though many important decisions still rest with men.
Greener methods attract new recruits as agriculture is hit by a harsher climate, but many farmers still prefer chemical fertilisers.
Ajay Banga_SGFintechFest_World Bank
Speaking at the annual Singapore FinTech Festival, Banga, who has been tasked to turbocharge the bank’s operations, reveals that it is months away from setting up a mechanism to issue certification for forest carbon credits.
A World Bank-backed project has been criticised by rice farmers for high costs and poor returns. Can its proposed second phase salvage things?
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Industrial agriculture

Food & Agriculture

The hunger profiteers

It is hard to predict when exactly food prices will spike again, but there is little doubt that more shocks will come. The consequences are likely to be compounded if a few companies still hold inordinate power over the world’s food systems.
By emphasising a multi-stakeholder approach to political decision-making, international institutions have enabled corporate actors to dominate the conversation about how and what we eat. But addressing hunger and malnutrition requires a strategy that focuses on human rights and government accountability.
edible crickets yin yang
Asia is the ideal insect farming hub, says the chief technology officer of insect farming start-up FlyFeed, which recently announced that it will build its first farm in Vietnam this year.
Northern Thai rice farmers
Southeast Asia is highly dependent on a volatile global supply of synthetic fertilisers. Local fertiliser production by natural means, through novel innovations, offer more sustainable alternatives worthy of policy action.
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nanotechnology toilet
Designed with nanotechnology, the portable toilet recycles human waste into fertiliser without the need for water or electricity. Here's how.
Philips LED grow lights
Philips, in partnership with Chicago-based Green Sense Farms, has created one of the largest indoor commercial farms using an innovative lighting technology that consumes less energy while producing higher and fresher yields.
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Vegan food
Humanity and the planet are suffering from a serious case of food poisoning. Eco-Business spoke to Brent Loken, WWF's global lead food scientist, about how changes to our diet can help fix our broken food system, and restore our health and the planet's strained ecosystems.
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