Asia Plantation Capital secures ISO 14064 on greenhouse gas emissions

Asia Plantation Capital has successfully undergone an audit to ensure that it continues to meet its environmental aspirations. ISO 14064, an International Standard against which greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are voluntarily verified and controlled ensuring companies can be certified as carbon neutral, was secured in late October.

The ISO 14064 standard is part of the ISO 14000 series of International Standards for Environmental Management. ISO 14064 provides governments, businesses, and other organisations with a set of tools for programs to quantify, monitor, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions. The ISO 14064 standard supports organisations as they participate in both regulated and voluntary programs including emissions trading schemes and public reporting using a globally recognised standard.

Asia Plantation Capital owns, manages and develops sustainable plantations globally and is fast approaching seven million trees of various species under management. Trees naturally store carbon and also release oxygen to the atmosphere. Collectively trees on plantations and in forests are filtering the air we breathe and help to clean soils, so as an innovative agro-forestry and plantation company Asia Plantation Capital already has some solid green credentials.

“Asia Plantation Capital is a company that takes its environmental commitments very seriously” explains Mohamed Jaan, Environmental Director at Asia Plantation Capital “as well as our commitment to stakeholders and employees we have an emotional balance sheet that is just as important to us as our commercial bottom line. Today many global business leaders are advocating the importance of sustainability in all aspects of their businesses; at Asia Plantation Capital we didn’t want just to feel good by knowing we do good, we wanted hard evidence to prove we pass International Standards, actual proof that we are doing good!”

Singapore is globally known as The Green City with a forward thinking Government, one that has been encouraging Singapore companies to achieve ISO 14064 and enhance the environmental credibility of the whole country on the international stage. This strategy also includes support and grants under the Singapore Government’s SPRING scheme with further assistance from the British Standards Institute, helping companies drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably. SPRING Singapore created the Quality for Enterprises through Standards (QUEST) programme allowing interested companies to tap into government funding and implement standards including ISO 50001 and ISO 14064, giving them the chance to sharpen their competitive edge.

Asia Plantation Capital chose to fully fund their own ISO 14064 accreditation, working with leading UK accredited consultants Royal Exchange Carbon Advisory in London. All aspects of the company’s operations were audited over a period of twelve months and all aspects of the company’s carbon emissions were reviewed, audited and, where possible, efficiencies made and shortfalls offset.

Mohamed Jaan states that “companies today should have a triple bottom line; people, planet, profit as Sir Richard Branson and his co-founders of the “B Team” advocate. This is not just about showing how you are a responsible and successful business, such as Virgin, Nike, and Apple, but part of the drive towards a new business ethos as society adjusts to the changing environmental and economic demands of a growing population and a warming climate. Responsible business is also good for business.”

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