8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks

8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks meets in Bangkok to address Market Prospects, Trade , Ethanol Feedstocks & Economics

8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks to be held in Bangkok on 26-27 September 2011 will discuss the impact, challenges, and opportunities in key sugar markets across the globe. The summit focus will go beyond mere market trends, to feature insights by leading industry experts from Brazil, Thailand, India and more, plus present and future dynamics of Sugar & Ethanol from a policy, socio-economic and technological perspective.

Those seeking to figure out how the sugar scenario will evolve in the coming year, and if Thailand will be able to supply to its external market, should make the effort to attend 8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks to attain expert views on the matter from the following 3 key sessions:

  • Thailand - Sugar Markets, Production & Export Outlook by Khun. Issara Twiltermsup, Director, Khonburi Sugar Public Company Limited
  • Thailand’s Ethanol Future by Captain Samai Jai-In., Specialist, National Science and Technology Development Agency
  • Value addition for Thailand’s Sugar Economy by Dr Pipat Weerathaworn, Expert, Green Chemicals, PTT Chemical Public Company Limited

Besides Thailand market, India and Brazil, being the two largest sugar producers, will also take centre-stage at a 1.5 day Bangkok summit to be held on the 26 & 27 September 2011. Giving an overview of India’s sugar markets development will be Satish Kansal, Vice President of Mawana Sugars Limited, the 6th largest sugar producing entity in India with 3 sugar manufacturing units in rich fertile western part of Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, Guilherme Nastari from Datagro will contribute a paper touching on forecast for harvest and the development of Brazil’s sugarcane crop.

The rest of other topic highlights include:

  • Global Sugar Outlook– Can Sugar Production be Expected to Rise Further?
  • How Much will China Import?
  • Philippines: Sugar & Ethanol Markets Outlook
  • Indonesia: Attaining Self Sufficiency by 2015
  • Papua New Guinea: Renewing the Sugar Industry
  • Vietnam - Sugar Development Program and Efforts to Increase Sugar Production
  • Fertilizer Market Developments and Prospects
  • High Sugar Prices - Who Can Take Advantage?
  • Sugar Production Shortage in Pakistan
  • Uncertainties in the Mideast & Impact on Sugar Trading
  • Bagasse Co-Generation Plant – Sustainable Solution for the Sugarcane Industry
  • Ethanol Feedstock Options and Economics – i) Sweet Sorghum ii) Cassava
  • Production of cellulosic ethanol

Just as in the past, 8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks is designed to be a showcase of all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the Sugar & Ethanol marketplaces of the world. It promises to be much more than just a wide-ranging program agenda consisting of plenary sessions presented by top international speakers but a highly effective platform to network with Sugarcane Plantations Companies, Sugar Producers, Buyers, Traders, Ethanol Producers, Technology Providers, Fertiliser Cos and much else besides.

To access further details on 8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks, and see complete program agenda , visit the event’s website at www.cmtevents.com. For other details and reservations contact Hafizah at 65 63469218.

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