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Eco-Business has unveiled a new membership programme called The EB Circle for its growing community. Join us and be part of the global sustainable development story.

Launch of The EB Circle
The EB team, partners and friends at the launch of The EB Circle at The SDG Collaborative on 6th December 2017 in Singapore. Image: Eco-Business

Dear readers,

When Eco-Business was founded in 2009, we had a simple objective: To provide a platform for the region to discuss sustainability issues, and to shed light on matters that were under-reported in the mainstream media.

We still remain committed to that mission today.

Whether it’s holding companies to account, making sense of government policies, or telling inspiring stories of how businesses and individuals are solving the challenges of our time, Eco-Business strives to be a voice that helps shape a more sustainable and equitable world.

We play an active role in sustainable development through our education and advocacy efforts. This includes our newsroom which produces journalism with a sustainability lens; services that enable organisations to publish and promote their jobs, events, press releases and reports; business research that provides insights to guide better decision-making, and high-impact events that advance the conversation.

But even as we seek to scale our impact, we are up against unprecedented challenges. From the rise of fake news to declining advertising budgets, the media landscape today is a brutal environment.

But we believe that our solutions-oriented journalism has never been more relevant.

We are therefore making a special appeal to you, our readers, to support our work and our brand of purposeful journalism.

We have launched a new programme for our community called The EB Circle, which is a dedicated network in which readers who sign up for just S$60 a year will gain priority invites to its events, access to an inner circle of professionals committed to sustainability on the Slack platform, media training opportunities and more.

With The EB Circle, we hope to be able to strengthen our journalism by investing more into in-depth reporting, providing insightful analysis, investigative journalism reports and continue to keep our content free for all.

Meanwhile, as we seek to expand our coverage, networks and impact across the globe, we are extremely fortunate to have a new international advisory board who will provide strategic counsel for our next phase of growth.

They are:

  • Georg Kell, founder and former Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and chairman of Arabesque
  • Assaad Razzouk, chairman and CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Energy
  • Jessica Robinson, founder of Moxie Future and former Head of Asia for the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI)

We are deeply honoured to have such distinguished sustainability leaders offer their vision and support to Eco-Business and look forward in engaging with them to advance sustainable development in the region. You can read more about them and their vision here.

We are also very excited to announce a new content offering - The Eco-Business podcast. This features a series of conversations with public sector leaders, industry captains, financiers, academic experts and civil society change-makers on sustainability.

The inaugural podcast series is titled ‘Let’s Write the Future’ and presented in partnership with Swiss power and automation giant ABB. It is published on SoundCloud and iTunes.

As a commitment to reporting on sustainable development, Eco-Business has also launched a new WhatsApp number so its readers can more easily and directly share their perspectives, experiences, also send the editorial team any tip-offs or story ideas.

Readers can add Eco-Business on WhatsApp as a contact using this number: +65 83622856.

We will be investing resources into more investigative stories special reports, which The EB Circle will help to fund.

We hope you will join The EB Circle and be part of this global sustainable development story.

It is our hope that through this inner circle, you will make even more meaningful connections and feel part of a large, common family who’s helping to shape a better world.

Did you find this article useful? Join the EB Circle!

Your support helps keep our journalism independent and our content free for everyone to read. Join our community here.

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