Transitioning to net zero webinar series

Transitioning to net zero webinar series

These deep-dive and interactive sessions will focus on solutions for business and enabling practical action. Each sector-specific session will feature guest presentations by sector and climate experts, as well as ‘peer-to-peer’ case studies from leading companies, and a Q&A Surgery segment whereby audience members can engage with speakers.

For each sector we will identify key climate issues and opportunities towards net zero and explore:

  • How to align the business strategy to commitments and actions, including what a good net zero strategy should involve and look like, and what businesses should avoid;
  • The methods, tools, and resources available for businesses to take action and achieve net zero;
  • Responsibilities of various stakeholders including individuals within the company and within the supply chain, and how to engage them; and
  • How to communicate commitments and actions externally.

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