The Natural Step Certificate Training: Sustainability for Leaders, Levels I & II

Leaders today need to deal with the complexities of increasing speed of innovation, competitive threats and customer demand for better, cheaper and greener products.

At the same time, they need to deal with ever-rising input cost of labour and raw materials and tighter government regulations on emissions and pollution.

The ability to understand systems dynamics, engage with key stakeholders across value chains and innovate sustainable ways forward is becoming a business imperative!

To succeed in this complex and changing context will require a systems approach to sustainability and a common language that can enable effective dialogue and collective decision-making across traditional boundaries.

The Natural Step Certificate Training: Sustainability for Leaders is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to be “Future-Fit”. It helps you to understand how to transform your organisation towards a sustainable future by using world-known The Natural Step’s Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) and achieve strategic advantage and long-term leadership in your industry and/or community.

This is a 3-day training that consists of two levels of courses:

  • Level I - Foundations in Sustainability Inspired Strategy and Innovation
  • Level II - Deep Dive into Sustainability Application Practices in Strategy and Innovation

The training welcomes any professional intending to leverage sustainability for business growth, aiming to shape a sustainable future and willing to lead sustainability-related change.

Our courses are hands-on, participatory experiences that allow you to learn quickly, apply sustainability concepts and strategic approach to real situations and transfer what you learn to your business, organisation or community.

You are encouraged to take Level I & Level II in one go. But you can also take them separately. Please note, to take Level II course only, you are required to have the completion certificate of the Level I.

Language and date

English: Level I - Oct. 21, 2019; Level II - Oct. 22-23, 2019

Chinese: Nov 2019

For more information, please reach us at:; +86 153 1656 6456; +86 186 2069 8958

To customise the training for your company, please contact; +86 186 2069 8958


About The Natural Step

The Natural Step was founded in Sweden in 1989 as the world’s first sustainability advisory organization. We now have presences in 14 countries around the world and Swedish King Karl XVI Gustav has been our Patron from the very beginning. The Natural Step has worked with thousands of corporations, municipalities and academic institutions and has shown that moving strategically toward sustainability leads to new opportunities, reduced costs, and radically better ecological and social impacts.

We research the science of sustainability and link it to real-world applications. We create dialogues about the opportunities and challenges in building a sustainable future. We are accelerating innovation towards Sustainability.

Our long-term goal is to have a systemic approach to sustainability embedded into the heart of all social and business ecosystems as a set of design principles for crafting innovation, success and a vibrant future in which human society thrives within nature’s limits.

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