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The effects of chemicals on our ecosystems and the challenges of identifying emerging contaminants


Singapore [Virtual] Singapore

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We are delighted to present this lively and informative panel discussion event covering the effects of chemicals on our ecosystems and the challenges of identifying emerging contaminants.

Pollutants, introduced intentionally or unintentionally into the environment, affect our ecosystems.

  1. What are the current analytical techniques available, and the future needs of analysis in environmental contaminants?
  2. What are your views on the ecotoxicology impacts from a systems perspective and future trends?
  3. What are the important aspects of the analysis versus the impact of such contaminants?
  4. Educating the Public with scientific insights

In today’s discussion, we have 2 esteemed speakers, Dr Bradley Clarke - Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry from the University of Melbourne, and Dr David Beale - Senior Research Scientist in CSIRO Land & Water to give us insights to this very relevant topic in today’s environment.

Our host for this event is Dr David Bradley – Agilent Academia and Collaborations Director, who is joined by Amanda Reichelt-Brushett – Professor, Southern Cross University; President SETAC Asia-Pacific.

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