Packaging waste: A circular future, or talking in circles?

Registration is now full. Please tune into our livestream on 19 October through our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Eco-Business, with the support of FairPrice Group, will be organising Packaging waste: A circular future, or talking in circles? on 19 October 2020.‍

Packaging has made life more convenient for billions of people worldwide, including in Singapore. It has lengthened the shelf life of food, enabled time-strapped urbanites to eat and drink on the go, and enabled many products to be shipped worldwide.

But packaging, especially single-use plastics, has had a huge impact on the environment. Packaging waste is choking landfills, polluting rivers and oceans, and harming wildlife. Even humans are ingesting plastic.

In Singapore, packaging makes up about one-third of all household waste and the majority consists of packaging for food and drinks.

Solutions to curb this growing source of waste are needed. How can businesses, consumers and policymakers step up to the challenge?

On 19 October 2020, experts from industries including food and manufacturing, policy makers and civil society will convene for a live-streamed webinar to discuss and debate the challenges, opportunities and latest developments related to packaging waste.

Organised by Eco-Business and supported by FairPrice Group, participants will hear from industry leaders on the role that various stakeholders can play.

Date: 19 October 2020, Monday
Time: 3 pm - 4.30 pm
Virtual Dialogue

For the full agenda, please click here


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