La Biennale 1.618

The 1.618 Biennale, fifth edition of the 1.618 Paris event, specialist in Sustainable Lifestyle and New Luxury will be held from 1st to 3rd June, 2018 at Le Carreau du Temple, Paris.

This exciting, participative and innovative event will be held at the opening of the European Week of Sustainable Development.


- A Sustainable Lifestyle Fair, where creative and committed brands will meet demanding consumers, journalists and industry professionals,

- A Contemporary art exhibition called “Pure Waste” will bring together the works of artists who, with poetry, humor or irony, will question visitors about the issues of waste management and will let us reflect on the rare beauty of the material and limited resources.

- An Innovations of the future space to create scenarios of a positive future and make us discover prototypes of the future and connected objects for the well being of the planet.

- An Emotion Space, a place of experiences designed to awaken unique emotions from a selection of beautiful stories of committed brands.

- A cycle of round tables on fascinating topics such as the Lab-grown Diamond, a new alternative, Sustainable and Alternative Sourcing and Solutions, Luxury and Biomimicry, VR and AI at the service of the planet (…)

We will also welcome our “New Heroes” who will share their successes, challenges and entrepreneurial adventures.

The 1.618 Biennale promises to be an event rich in discoveries of specialised initiatives.

A true platform of influences and inspirations, the event will highlight the beautiful stories and initiatives of creative and committed brands, entrepreneurs, NGOs, artists and visionaries mobilised to think about tomorrow’s luxury and to create a more responsible future, in harmony with nature.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

1.618 Paris
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