India’s data centre boom: Powering sustainable growth

India's data centre boom: Powering sustainable growth

India is one of Asia Pacific’s fastest developing data centre markets. The country has the second highest number of internet users, after China, with more than half the population — close to 700 million people — with access to the internet.  

Covid-19 has also driven internet usage, with increasing demand from businesses who have migrated their data to third party data centres to support operations during lockdowns.  

As data centres require a colossal amount of energy, how can India reduce the carbon footprint of its data centre growth?  

What unique benefits can India offer to global businesses? 

On 2 March, Eco-Business will host a high-level conversation in partnership with data centre company, CtrlS, around the findings of a research paper into the major drivers behind India’s data centre boom. The in-person, by-invitation event will take place from 4:30pm-6pm (SGT) in Singapore, and will be livestreamed to a global audience.

The research, which draws on industry expertise, examines the unique challenges and opportunities facing India’s data centres and highlights the enabling drivers that will help to reduce the industry’s massive energy and cooling needs.  

The in-person event in Singapore is by-invitation. Register to attend the virtual live-streamed session here.

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