How to use carbon accounting to drive enterprise-level change

How to use carbon accounting to drive enterprise-level change

Learn from enterprises that use carbon accounting to decarbonise their value chains – enabling them to identify opportunities for brand building and innovation while mitigating climate risks.

Enterprise emission reduction begins with accurate measurement

Up to 91 per cent of companies are failing to measure the full scope of their emissions.

Why does this matter?

When businesses don’t see their entire climate footprint, the blind spots expose them to risks like regulatory non-compliance and allegations of greenwashing.

By measuring their full emissions, enterprises can unlock significant business and sustainability opportunities. Those that take action will future-proof themselves via increased attractiveness to employees, investors, and especially to customers – 77 per cent of whom say it’s important for brands to be environmentally responsible.

Learn from enterprise business leaders

In this live event, Mattias Frumerie – the Head of the Swedish Delegation to COP27 – will join Normative CEO Kristian Rönn for a fireside chat exploring the role of governments and businesses in meeting climate targets.

Then, in a panel session, enterprise business leaders will explain how trustworthy measurement drives effective action. The panel will feature:

  • Maggie Buggie, COO of Normative
  • Milyae Park, Non-Executive Director and ESG advisor
  • Stephen Jamieson, SAP’s Global Head of Circular Economy Solutions

Finally, Normative’s carbon management expert Dr. Alexander Schmidt will share the essentials of carbon accounting for enterprises, from theory to best practices.

The event is moderated by Cassandra Julin, Head of Global PR and Communication at Normative.

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