Global Leakage Summit 2016

This is a truly Global conference, providing the perspectives of industry leaders from across every region of the world, including APAC. We have speakers and delegates from China, Taiwan, Singapore and more!

Key Issues To Be Discussed At This Years Summit Are:

  • Are Water Companies Complacent About Leakage? They have driven leakage down to target levels, but the levels have been ‘flat-lining’ for several years.  Are companies doing enough to reduce leakage further?
  • Background Losses.    Will new studies on the ratio of background (company) losses to plumbing (customer) losses justify the need for more AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure?
  • Handling ‘Big’ Data.   There is a wealth of sensor data available from multiple sites across the network.  But are companies coordinating, analysing and using these data to identify and fix leaks more quickly?
  • Customer Expectations.  Customers don’t like to see visible leaks - and they expect the company to fix leaks in minutes not days - can companies make better use of the wealth of data available to reduce repair times?
  • Resilience of Supply.   What does resilience mean?  Does it extend beyond having sufficient capacity for managing recovery to properly understanding and managing risk?
  • Are Water Companies Innovative Enough?  Not just in technology but in services and approaches, such as customer research and engagement?  Are they investing enough in making networks ‘smart’
  • What Can Regulators Do? To lead innovation, accelerate technology, encourage investment and bring together stakeholders?
  • Maximising Income for the Company. By addressing commercial losses (under-registration of customer usage due to ageing, inaccurate and non-working meters
  • Knowledge Management.   Better Information Management (BIM4Water) is rapidly moving to the forefront of the water industry.  The concept of BIM - an information model mapping the asset data and with supporting data for asset interoperability - has been around for some time, but is still not widely understood
  • Challenges to Security of Supply.   Meeting demand from external influences: extremes of climate, scarce water regions, local cultural, social and political influences, and increased demand from population migration

Please visit the event website to find out more information about the conference, the speaker line-up and how it will help your business drive down leakage.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Jane Thomas
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