CF23 Conscious Leaders Bootcamp

CF23 Conscious Leaders Bootcamp

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
- Albert Einstein

Get ready for an experience that will revolutionise your understanding of leadership and its role in shaping a sustainable future.

Our boot camp takes leadership to a whole new level by infusing it with the power of regeneration and conscious awareness. This event will bring together the builders of the future to deep dive on symbiotic leadership, regenerative cities, exponential change and solving for sustainability with ai. Get ready for a transformative experience that will shape you into a leader who understands the ecosystem of your company, is inspired by what other leaders are doing with circular and sustainable solutions and uplifts everyone around them.

Our boot camp is a unique gathering that brings together visionaries, change-makers, and builders of the future. From CEOs to entrepreneurs, business owners to leaders, this event is designed for those committed to creating a more sustainable world and eager to explore innovative approaches to leadership.


Leadership without purpose is like a ship without a compass.


> OPENER: Why didn’t you do more?

A provocative opener to jolt the audience and open up the mind for an expansive day.

Stephanie Dickson, Founder of Green Is The New Black

> KEYNOTE: Future cities: how can we build in harmony with nature

Explore closing the gap with sustainable innovation and regenerative design principles that pave the way for greener, healthier, and more livable cities.

Hossein Rezai, Global Design Director at Ramboll & Milan Research Lab

> WORKSHOP: Regenerative leadership immersion: aligning inner and outer ecosystems

Dive deep into practices that foster regenerative leadership, empowering you to lead with purpose, empathy, and resilience.

Sarah Grisby, Founder of Cultivating Wholeness and coach for Regenerative Leaders

> TALK: Navigating the 3 Ds: decarbonisation, digitalisation, disclosure

Learn how to harness technological advancements, drive sustainable innovation, and foster transparency in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The Marketing Society

> TALK: Zero-emissions transportation beyond just EVs

Let’s explore what a green transportation ecosystem looks like and how we can work cross-sector towards the common goals of decarbonisation, less pollution and less waste.

Claudius Steinhoff, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Singapore

> PANEL: Luxury for the planet: innovating for and shaping a sustainable future for luxury

Discover how the luxury industry can innovate and lead the way in creating a more responsible future, with strategies for integrating sustainability into luxury brand narratives.

Philipp Bonkatz, General Manager Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei at Lufthansa
Natalie Gardiner, Head of Marketing at Circular
Rohini Behl, Head of Sustainability at L’Oréal

> TALK: Navigating greenwashing: communicating with authenticity

Discover strategies for transparent communication, building trust with stakeholders, and effectively conveying your commitments.

Andy Wilson, Senior Partner Head of Sustainability at Ogilvy, in partnership with The Marketing Society

> INTERACTIVE TALK: Being Human in a Digital World

This interactive session will delve into what it means to be human in a digital world shaped by technologies such as generative AI and the metaverse, and how visionary leaders can create a digital future that supports human flourishing.

Michelle Khoo, Center Leader, Center for the Edge, Deloitte Southeast Asia

> KEYNOTE: Exponential change and the opportunities behind it: working with AI to help solve sustainability

Explore how AI can be harnessed to drive innovation, enhance resource efficiency, and enable data-driven decision-making in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Ted Chiu-Hao Chen, Co-Founder Evercomm Singapore


Join us in unleashing the conscious leader within you and becoming part of a global community dedicated to shaping a more sustainable, regenerative world. Together, we can create a future where leadership, innovation, and sustainability are deeply intertwined.

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