Biosolids Management in China – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Moderator: Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of Blue Tech Research and/or John Robinson, Principal Consultant and CEO – Cornerstone China Advisors

Panelist 1: Samson Moy, Cornerstone China Advisors/US Filter Environmental Technology Company, Tianjin

An overview of the current state of sludge management in China from the perspective of an engineer with a specialization in biosolids, who has worked in China for US Filter and Siemens. Mr Moy’s presentation will touch on the good, bad, and ugly of biosolids management in China.

Panelist 2: Yang Wu, General Manager, Centrisys Corporation – China division

Sludge dewatering company Centrisys was early to enter China with centrifuge technology and has found success in the China market. Mr Yang will identify trends in the Chinese market and share his predictions on the buying habits of municipal and industrial customers in China. Mr Yang will also highlight key considerations for overseas investors in choosing a suitable Chinese manufacturing partner and how to make a case for higher cost, higher quality products in the face of low-cost local equipment.

Panelist 3: Jack Graham, Business Development, ThermAer

Sludge treatment company ThermAer is expecting to start a pilot of its sludge pre-treatment technology in China in early 2015, having pursued the project over the last two years. Jack Graham will share his perspective on the realistic trajectory of an independently owned technology company in China, identifying some roadblocks as well as the successes he has experienced along the way. Mr Graham will also share his expectations of the China market in the near future..

Panelist 4: Ms Wu Jing, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, Environmental Studies Department

Ms Jing will share her perspective on the current state of progress sludge management within China, focusing on research, design guidelines and regulations. She will share technology trends related to the use of anaerobic processes and biomass energy in China and the collaboration opportunities between international companies and top Chinese research and development universities.

BlueTech Research, in conjunction Cornerstone China Advisors – a China water-industry consultancy, would like to invite you to an interactive webinar on trends and opportunities in China’s biosolids treatment market.

While opportunities exist in all stages of China’s nascent biosolids treatment market, this discussion will focus on the market size, current trends and regulatory landscape for biosolids stabilization/reduction solutions. In addition, participants will hear the perspectives of two US-based companies that have charged into the China biosolids market, including their successes and the challenges they faced.

Finally, the webinar will take a look ahead into the future of the market and where opportunities will emerge going forward. Despite the number of relatively advanced wastewater technologies currently being deployed in China, adoption of biosolids treatment technology lags significantly behind.

Salient roadblocks include an unwillingness to be the first adopter, insufficient funding to use new technologies and the previous lack of enforcement of biosolids regulations. However, reform is on the horizon, and first movers in this space are likely to secure defensible market positions.

Questions to be answered:

  • What technologies are currently being used stabilize/reduce municipal sludge?
  • Where is innovation occurring?
  • What is the cost breakdown of current biosolids treatment solutions?
  • How might a technology already proven in the west find success in China?
  • What is the market for beneficial reuse of treated biosolids?
  • What are the key steps to take in finding a suitable partner in China?
  • How are pilot projects acquired in China?

Who should attend?

  • Investors looking to understand the opportunity in China’s biosolids market
  • Water industry executives looking to maintain or establish a competitive advantage and inform strategic moves in the biosolids equipment market.
  • Technology providers looking for gaps in the market and unmet needs treating biosolids.
  • Consultants, policy makers and regulators looking to stay on top of the latest market trends and the state of technological innovation for biosolids treatment.

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