Biodiversity for Business

As the nexus between Biodiversity-Climate and Biodiversity-Water is being unravelled further, there’s a suite of frameworks/tools/guidance and case studies to address Biodiversity opportunities.

Agenda/Webinar Run-down

a) Unravelling recent Developments concerning Biodiversity

b) Why Financial Markets should care about Biodiversity - Mr. Peter Elwin - Director of Fixed Income | Planet Tracker

c) Biodiversity Country Plans and implications for private sector - Mr. Herve Barois – Technical Advisor | UNDP Biofin

d) Biodiversity guardrails using STAR metrics/framework – Mr. Jan-Willem Van Bochove - Senior Principal Consultant | The Biodiversity Consultancy

d) Biodiversity Protection in Action - Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain - Head of Biodiversity & Sustainable Development | Tata Steel

Date: Dec 7, 2021

Time: 10 AM CET | 5 PM China/Singapore | 6 PM Japan/South Korea | 2:30 PM India

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Rakesh Vazirani
[javascript protected email address]

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