What makes an electric car clean?

Polestar, a new entrant to Singapore’s electric car market, hopes to woo consumers by going the extra mile in sustainable design.

Seats clad with vegan fabric, interiors adorned with repurposed wood, as well as complete traceability of sourced materials.

These qualities are part of electric vehicle (EV) brand Polestar’s bid to stand out in the rapidly growing EV market in Singapore.

The city-state wants to phase out internal combustion engine cars by 2040, making electric vehicles a major play in Singapore’s ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by or around 2050.

Electric cars have lower tailpipe emissions, especially if their batteries are charged with renewable energy.

There is also a growing focus on efforts to reduce the large amounts of energy and mined rare metals that go into car battery production.

Watch the video to find out how Polestar is leading the change from fossil-fuelled cars to sustainable electric mobility.

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