Wello rolls out new way to help rural women collect water

Social enterprise Wello has developed a trolley-like water container called WaterWheel, which helps women in rural India to provide safe and clean water for their families while saving them for more productive pursuits

WaterWheel for women in Indian rural communities

Women in developing countries generally have the burden of providing safe and clean water on their shoulders. Wello, a budding social entrerprise that began in 2011, wants to change all that and literally ease the weight by providing them with the WaterWheel, a high-quality water container locally manufactured in Ahmedabad that women can simply push.

This innovative solution, inspired by the shape of the matka or Indian earthen pot, can carry 50 litres of water, which is over twice the amount of water needed to stay healthy and hydrated, according to this Wello video. It is also three to five times more than the amount of water women can carry through traditional methods, Wello noted. As such, women no longer have to endure going over far distances back and forth to fetch their needed water. This relieves body pain, as well as reduces their amount of time spent in a day that could otherwise go to earning more livelihood, or for girls who also share in the load, for their education.

According to UN HABITAT, whose work also focuses on gender in water and sanitation, more than one billion people around the world still lack access to safe water. By addressing this, especially through gender-responsive programmes, the quality of life of women, girls, and their entire families and rural communites will improve. They will have better health and hygiene, plus more privacy and dignity, among other benefits.

Wello likewise added that this WaterWheel, which will be available at an affordable price through a special business model and CSR partnership, will ultimately help alleviate poverty. 

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