Mission Impossible: Satisfying Asia’s meat appetite with plant-based food?

Can Impossible Foods, the plant-based food tech company from California, take a bite out of Asia’s growing appetite for meat? Eco-Business spoke to founder Pat Brown to find out.

Pat Brown at Potato Head Folk

Former Stanford biochemistry professor and pediatrician Dr Pat Brown started Impossible Foods in 2011 with a mission to completely remove animals from the human food chain by 2035.

That may sound like Mission Impossible: A study by the United Nations projects an increase in global meat consumption of 76 per cent by 2050. The toughest challenge will be selling Impossible plant-based meat products in Asia, home to 40 per cent of the world’s meat consumption, and where demand for meat is growing faster than anywhere.

But Brown is confident that engineering food from plants that looks, feels and tastes exactly like meat is the solution to what he describes as the biggest ongoing threat to the planet—humanity’s ever growing desire to eat animals — which exacerbates climate change due to the meat industry’s heavy emissions.

In this video interview with Eco-Business in Singapore, where Impossible Foods has just launched in 8 restaurants across the island, Brown talks about what will persuade people to switch from meat to his plant-based variety, making their supply chain sustainable, and the Impossible Foods food that he can’t live without.

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