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Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use
In the coming year, we should expect to see stricter laws to expose 'greenwashers' and rising demand for clear disclosure and reporting standards.
Sri Lankan refugee camp in India
EB Studio Experts warn that addressing climate change will bring with it political instability, rising protectionist policies and inflation in poorer nations placing pressure on the resolve of governments to see the energy transition through.
india covid 19 vaccine lack of supply
Health experts from India and South Africa welcomed Biden's U-turn on Covid-19 vaccine patents and urged the World Trade Organisation to urgently hammer out a deal.
India’s new farming laws driven by WTO demands
India's farmers oppose new laws liberalising the agricultural sector, and critics say the laws will benefit big businesses rather than farmers.
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World Food Programme_Africa_food aid_Mozambique
Current patterns of food production and consumption are driving the collapse of the ecosystems upon which humanity depends on. But building a more sustainable food system is possible, and requires only the political will to act now.
South Africa Covid-19 vaccine protest
The author argues that disparities in vaccine access are not an accident of fate, but a result of wealthy countries keeping vaccine supplies within their own borders and pharmaceutical companies looking to increase their profits.
central asia drought
Global efforts involving awareness-raising, nudging, and shaming are necessary but not sufficient to prevent a climate crisis. Addressing the problem more effectively requires international governance arrangements that amount to a new social contract on global public goods.
A worker in a textile factory in China.
For Chinese companies, 40 years of hard fought market gains are at risk as the trade war with the US intensifies. Here's how sustainability can help.
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