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Sidhant Gupta
Recycling systems can't keep up with plastic pollution, and solutions are hard to scale. Enter Clearbot: Its trash-collecting boats are trying to bring about a sea change in clean-ups, and using AI-collated data to bring about policy change. The company also has plans to expand to India.
Sixty newly trained youth negotiators will join their country delegations at the UN summit in Egypt with an aim to speed change.
Push to protect indigenous people in Hasdeo Arand forest gets boost with social media campaign and support on Twitter and YouTube.
As research funds dry up, Sri Lankan scientists are looking for greener pastures abroad.
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fossil free future sg
In Asian universities, students often have little say about what happens on campus. As student divestment groups in the region gain momentum, it’s time for universities to listen to what their students have to say about issues that will affect their future.
Harvard divest
Despite the increasing urgency of the climate crisis, many of the world’s most powerful financial actors have continued to invest in the fossil-fuel industry. But a new trend in the law is forcing institutional investors to decarbonise their portfolios – or be held legally accountable.
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Izzy Raj-Seppings
In its latest case, an Australian law firm is representing 8 students and a nun as they fight a decision to build a coal mine on climate grounds. Eco-Business spoke to lawyer David Barnden about winning the legal case against climate change.
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