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Making real change in the direction of sustainability will require cooperation across the length of the rubber supply chain.
Malayan tapir,
Satellite data from the University of Maryland show a surge in forest clearing in northern parts of the Tanintharyi region in southern Myanmar, including within a protected area.
Oil palm worker in Sri Lanka
Unlike in other countries where the crop is grown, oil palms aren’t a driver of deforestation in Sri Lanka; instead, they’ve replaced rubber plantations, which host a higher level of biodiversity and provide more jobs for locals.
Bani Bains, Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber
The Singapore-based organisation that aims to drive sustainability through the natural rubber value chain has appointed Bani Bains from WWF to run comms.
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workers loading oil palm fruits
Import bans bring social issues to the fore forcing agribusiness to assess their obligations to their workforces. Are such regulatory bans the best way to address the social issues prevalent in the industry?
palm oil plantation in cigudeg
As the biggest consumer of palm oil, India can take a lead in demanding ethical production that can stop deforestation in Southeast Asia and reduce air pollution.
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