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As climate change and global disruptions worsen hunger, a revamp of food systems is urgently needed, analysts say.
More than 1,500 hectares (3,700 acres) of forests, including carbon-rich peatlands, have been cleared in Central Kalimantan province for the so-called food estate program, according to a spatial analysis by the NGO Pantau Gambut.
Indonesia’s plan to build its new capital city on an expiring logging concession in eastern Borneo has sparked concerns among environmental and human rights observers about the larger eco-social impacts to the rest of the island.
Techniques that use less water, produce more rice and emit less methane are gaining traction in China.
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marcos and xi jinping
Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, Jr began his administration by vowing to prioritise clean energy and curbing climate disasters. Eco-Business scrutinises these pledges and asks what he must address to stay true to them.
Irular people
Climate-resilient agricultural knowledge has always been there among Indigenous groups, we just need to learn from them.
A rice farmer
The government of Indonesia does not fully utilise knowledge about sustainable peatland management. The new rice plan will not support the restoration of degraded peatlands as rice as a dryland species does not support peat soil formation.
The homepage of TheGuardian.com, the world's most popular international website for sustainability news, is swamped with coverage of the coronavirus on Wednesday 25 March. Image: www.theguardian.com/international screengrab
No single story has dominated the international press as much so far this century. How can climate change, which will likely prove far deadlier than the coronavirus, reclaim the headlines?
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