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Mekong River_Cambodia
While Tonle Sap is recognised as a resource worthy of protection, countless other lakes, ponds and wetlands also depend on Mekong flooding but are dwindling away unnoticed.
Climate disasters are disrupting subsistence agriculture in western Nepal, where malnutrition and infant mortality are already high.
Research notes that by 2050 there will be an 18 per cent higher demand for rice in the region, owing to increasing populations.
Farmer Melchor Ortiz
With the government overturning a 2017 ban on open-pit mining in December, the farming community of Narra, Palawan fears that the return of nickel ore extraction will ravage the environment and their crops.
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A rice farmer
The government of Indonesia does not fully utilise knowledge about sustainable peatland management. The new rice plan will not support the restoration of degraded peatlands as rice as a dryland species does not support peat soil formation.
The homepage of TheGuardian.com, the world's most popular international website for sustainability news, is swamped with coverage of the coronavirus on Wednesday 25 March. Image: www.theguardian.com/international screengrab
No single story has dominated the international press as much so far this century. How can climate change, which will likely prove far deadlier than the coronavirus, reclaim the headlines?
Food waste and loss
Food loss and waste contribute 8 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Tackling them can help fight climate change while generating food security and economic benefits for communities worldwide, writes World Resources Institute's Craig Hanson.
children eat rice and broth
Climate-smart and resource-saving farming technologies could be one way to address hunger in Asia, write Akmal Siddiq and Md Abul Basher of Asian Development Bank.
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