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Birding clubs in Kashmir have reported a post-pandemic surge in interest, potentially bringing long-term gains for the region’s biodiversity.
Wildlife tourism projects that benefit local communities can be found across the Himalayas, offering hope for livelihoods and the conservation of unique mountain species.
The 1,300km journey, which captured the nation’s attention three years ago, is a reminder of the need to protect the habitat of Asian elephants.
A feasibility study for a plan to re-establish a tiger population in the south-eastern hill forests found that conditions are not currently suitable.
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Parks in Taipei
Green spaces are not the answer to overheated cities by themselves. Careful urban planning needs to consider their strategic placement.
Trees in the tropics
Climate change is killing trees in cities, forcing changes in urban planning.
The city of Zhuhai
Infrastructure to prevent flooding in cities has benefits for preventing urban heat.
Sustainable investing
The Nobel Committee's decision to award the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was instrumental in elevating that issue to the top of the global policy agenda. Now, the same should be done to recognise the organisation that has done the most work on the crisis of biodiversity loss.
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picking wildlife changi beach
Crowds descended on a beach at low tide again on Chinese New Year, despite intense media coverage of a similar occurrence in June last year.
Samsung Silicon Valley headquarters
Not far from its rival Apple, the Korean electronics heavyweight is poised to expand its market reach and sustainability credentials with green spaces that foster employee interaction and innovation.
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