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Talaud bear cuscus
Environmentalists are working with local youths and community members on Salibabu Island to change the perception of the Talmud bear cuscus, a secretive species believed to inhabit only four islands in Indonesia.
Twenty-eight gharial hatchlings have been spotted in a tributary of Nepal’s Karnali river, the first sign of successful nesting in this waterway in almost two decades.
The COP15 conference, which is due to agree a new global deal to protect biodiversity, has been postponed several times as host nation China grapples with the pandemic.
Indonesia's Tesso Nilo National Park is a refuge for Sumatran wildlife, including critically endangered tigers and elephants.
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Sustainable investing
The Nobel Committee's decision to award the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was instrumental in elevating that issue to the top of the global policy agenda. Now, the same should be done to recognise the organisation that has done the most work on the crisis of biodiversity loss.
gaps in global deal for nature
Stopping biodiversity loss will take decades of sustained work. That’s why the time is now for donors to increase unrestricted funding to conservation organisations.
Safari Tanzania
Despite its ubiquity, travel and hospitality has always been a fragile, fickle sector. Still, there is no reason that it can’t deliver net gains for nature.
orang utan indonesia rainforest
In less than one year, delegates from around the world will gather in Kunming, China, to complete a new global agreement for protecting and conserving the world's natural systems. To succeed, they must bring together not just environmentalists, but also officials with the clout to effect change across entire economies.
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picking wildlife changi beach
Crowds descended on a beach at low tide again on Chinese New Year, despite intense media coverage of a similar occurrence in June last year.
Samsung Silicon Valley headquarters
Not far from its rival Apple, the Korean electronics heavyweight is poised to expand its market reach and sustainability credentials with green spaces that foster employee interaction and innovation.
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